Forget the Bikini Diet! Try a Vibration Plate Workout Instead!

The summer holiday season is quickly approaching for many women this means one thing; getting in bikini trim, beach body shape. But we need to be realistic and avoid employing weight loss tactics that can actually cause damage to our health and this is where the Vibration Plate comes into its own.

Forget crash dieting, forget running for hours and hours each night and don’t even consider slimming pills or laxatives. You can transform your body with a balanced diet and a regular vibration plate workout and this transformation can be noticeable within weeks.

Vibration plates deliver an advanced workout, yet the moves you perform are typically the same as normal exercise routines. Squats, lunges, sit ups, press ups etc are all intensified when you perform them on a vibration plate. For example, 10 minutes of squats on the plate would equate to around 50 minutes worth if you were stood on the floor!

When the plate vibrates the pulses are passed through your body. The vibrations cause your muscles to flex and twitch on an involuntary basis (you can’t stop these flexes happening). The movement of your muscles is similar to the movement you would achieve when carrying out intensive exercises, so you can imagine the amplified results when you start exercising upon this vibrating platform! Say goodbye to any cellulite you may have!

So if you are serious about getting in shape for the summer try a vibration plate today. They are affordable and are the only piece of gym equipment you will need for your home. Use it regularly (3-4 times per week), eat a calorie controlled diet and you will see the transformation within months.

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