Five Reasons to Buy a Cross Trainer

Do you want to get fit and lose some weight? You probably know that this will only be achieved through a balanced diet and plenty of regular exercise. But what type of exercise really works and is there a single piece of gym equipment out there that will shape your entire physique? The answer is “yes” and that single piece of home gym equipment is the cross trainer.

So, why exactly should you buy a cross trainer?

1. Quick and effective workout

A cross trainer allows you to perform a high quality, cardio workout in a relatively short space of time. The calorific burn rate is higher with a cross trainer than when compared to an exercise bike or a treadmill. And if you vary the routine, adding in various levels of resistance, the burn rate increases even further.

2. Low Impact

A cross trainer provides a low impact routine, which is good news for your joints and bones. Rather than pounding your feet on a treadmill belt a cross trainer requires that you keep your feet flat on the foot pedals. This low impact motion also means that the cross trainer is incredibly easy to use and is suitable for all abilities.

3. Great Cardio Workout

A cross trainer will deliver a cardio vascular workout. Fitness equipment that gets your heart rate pumping and can be controlled to slow down, speed up and add resistance are ideal if you want to boost your fitness levels and shed the pounds.

4. Get a core body workout

Because a cross trainer requires you to exercise both your arms and legs simultaneously your core body is also exercised. Great news if you want to firm up your abs, reduce your waistline and tighten your buttocks.

5. An all in one piece of fitness equipment

If you buy a cross trainer there is very little reason to buy any other piece of gym equipment. A cross trainer provides you with a whole body workout that, if used regularly in conjunction with a healthy diet, can transform your body and boost your health and fitness levels.

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