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Buying A Vibration Plate

There are a few things to consider when buying a Vibration Plate and Orbus leisure are here to help you through the selection process.

All of our Vibration plates have a detailed product description, so you can gain a clear understanding of the benefits, functions, sizes and prices of each of our trainers. In order to make a purchase that you’re happy with you need to be aware of the differences in quality, features and functions of the range of vibration plate trainers available on the market. Orbus Leisure hand pick every piece of fitness equipment from leading manufacturers so we can be sure that there is a machine to suit everyone’s needs, this also ensures that  that we are supplying a quality product, regardless of the cost.

Things to Consider:

Design and construction

Due to the nature of the product, your vibration plate needs to be strong and stable. All of our vibration plates are constructed from high quality materials, mostly high grade solid tubular steel. All of our machines can be delivered within the UK, some self assembly is required, clear instructions and tools are always provided to make self assembly minimal.

Size of the plate

The machine works by the user exercising whilst standing (sitting or kneeling) on the vibration plate. Therefore the bigger the plate you have the more room you have to exercise in comfort, a bigger plate will also allow you to perform a much more diverse range of exercises. It’s important to remember that a bigger plate requires a bigger motor.

Motor size

All vibration plates are powered by an electric motor, the more powerful the motor, the more powerful the plate will be. If the machine has more of a powerful motor it will be capable of providing stronger vibrations under heavier weight conditions for a longer period of time. Motor speeds are quoted in watts (W) and you can find this in each products individual description.


basic Vibration plates will operate at a single frequency it’s important to remember that the higher the frequency the better the machine will perform, a machine with a varied frequency plate has the capability of vibrating at different speeds, different speed setting deliver different health benefits, this allows for a more varied workout and better physical results.


The amplitude of a machine reflects the distance the plate travels whilst vibrating and is measure in mm. Generally the higher the amplitude, the more intense your workout is going to be. All of our product descriptions show specific amplitude data.

Size and weight

The first thing you should consider when it comes down to buying a piece of home gym equipment is the size and weight of the item before you commit to buying anything. If you have limited space it might be an idea to consider a compact vibration plate, which can be easily stored away when not in use.


A Vibration plate is a piece of gym equipment in its very own league, and if you haven’t used this piece of equipment before then you need to understand exactly what to do before starting your workout. Every vibration plate is supplied with a user manual and an exercise guide

We hope that these tips can help you make buying your vibration plate run a lot smoother. If you have any more questions or queries then feel free to contact our customer helpline on 0845 300 8028.


A Cross Trainer Can Give You Amazing Results

If you’re considering using fitness equipment to lose weight, you might be wondering how a cross-trainer can give you results that you’re going to be delighted with. The main reason that people use a cross trainer is to achieve a full body workout, for convenience and to stay motivated and to target specific areas of the body.

Full-body workout

Full- body workouts burn a lot of energy and work all of your major muscle groups, so is an extremely efficient way to exercise the body. When you use a cross trainer you are using your arms and legs, so you’re fully engaging the lower and upper body. The cross trainer challenges your muscles and exerts resistant pressure, forcing you to work hard to create a motion and move your body. Some machines don’t benefit your upper body, so it’s important that you do your research and ask questions during the sales process.

Convenience and Motivation

If you invest in a cross trainer you can exercise whenever you wish from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to step outside when the weathers bad and you don’t have to pay for any expensive gym fees. If you stay motivated, having exercise equipment at home can be a great way to ensure that you stay on track with your training programme. Many people are able to achieve exceptional results with a cross trainer. Using as chart can be a good idea, so that you have a regime to follow. Rewarding yourself can keep you motivated plus knowing that you’ve spent money on a piece of home gym equipment will be an incentive.

Targeting those problem areas

If you want to tone up your thighs, tummy and behind, a cross trainer is the perfect piece of equipment for you because it focuses on these areas and can give them and intense and targeted workout. Also, if you want to increase your upper body strength and bulk up there, a cross trainer will be your best starting point.


Unstoppable Energy

Winter is over AT LAST! so put a spring in your step with these energy boosting tips!

1. Never skip breakfast. Break the word itself down “to break a fast” and your body can’t drive in full gear if it hasn’t had the fuel.

2. Move daily. If you move more you’ll find that you have more energy. You can go to the walking while the weather is nice! Invest in a Treadmill or a Cross Trainer for when you’re at home. Just keep those legs moving!

3. Eat smaller, more frequent meals. Snack throughout the day, and eat smaller more frequent meals, this way you will experience a steady dose of energy instead of experiencing energy drops. But try not to snack on fatty/sugary junk food.

4. Try a new tact. Spring is the best time to get rid of those bad exercise habits and start new ones. Put the scales away for a while, and focus on how your clothes fit and how you feel in them.

5. Drink lots of water. Dehydration can be the cause of fatigue because it slowly creeps up on you. You should aim to drink around 8 cups a day, if you drink any less you could become sluggish all the time.

6. Exercise in the AM. Sure you’d have to get up slightly earlier, but doing your workout in the morning instead of after work can give you an energy boost that can last all day, so waking up an hour or two earlier doesn’t matter, because you can get that time back at night.

7. Invest in some home fitness equipment. For example you can do a vibration plate workout whilst you watch TV, and may encourage all of the family to get active.

8. Eat lots of berries. Berries that are blue, red or purple are great for you, the colour comes from Anthocyanin which is a powerful antioxidant that boosts energy and all berries contain tons of this!

9. Talk a walk outdoors. Get some fresh air in your lungs with a change of scenery, and a brisk walk can really get your blood going and can work wonders for your moods and motivation. The sun is a signal to your body that it’s not bedtime yet, so you’ll instantly feel more alert and energetic.

10. Get plenty of sleep. Energy starts with a good night’s sleep, adults need an average of 8 to 9 hours to restore and regenerate their minds and bodies.



Springtime – The Best Time of Year to Get Active!

The months of being able to hide those lumps and bumps that we hate under those warm knits are finally behind us, while this can bring a sigh of relief to some people, it will most likely to bring horror to those who have been hibernating in their homes since November.

Statistics prove that a lot of us are overweight and unfit, and that many of us would like to change the way we look and feel in one way or another. Spring is here and it’s time to stop making the excuses and to face up to the truth. Don’t worry you don’t have to join a gym and take hours out of your busy schedule, when the answer could be right on your door step:  Home Gym Equipment!

If you’re considering purchasing a new piece of fitness equipment, whether it’s the only piece you want or another addition to the established home gym, then you’ll realise that the quality equipment will come with a heavy price tag. Be it a Treadmill, an Elliptical Cross Trainer or a new Vibration plate, this can be a huge investment for majority of us. But have you considered what time of year you should be buying your equipment?

After the Christmas period the New Year’s resolutions start to kick in and more people want to get fit and will be tempted to purchase fitness equipment. So this means that there’s a heavier demand in winter, so spring and summer will see a slowdown in sales, and it is in these months where you can find the best deals and lowest offers. You can really save money compared to the winter time prices, and you can see a great example of this on an Orbus Leisure Web site, where the summer sale prices are at their lowest ever levels.



March Madness Sale: Best Buy Guarantee on All Fitness Equipment!

At Orbus Leisure we thought we’d treat our customers with major discounts this month, and as we continually aim to provide the best offers and promotions on the internet, we maintain our price promise and will not be beaten on price for any equivalent product in any of our categories.

Elliptical Cross Trainers: We have carefully selected a range of elliptical’s to ensure that there’s a machine for every user for every occasion. This is our best ever cross trainer sale with 60% off of our fantastic range of ellipticals but hurry! This is only for a limited period of time only!

Treadmills: Again we have some great deals on our treadmills, and we supply some for the best units on the internet, with a range to incorporate any requirement from simple home use, to fully commercial treadmills. Our offers often change because here at Orbus Leisure we will not be beaten on price.

Vibration Plates: We supply some of the best home use and commercial models available on the market. Our BH Fitness Pro Vibe Plate is the leading oscillating unit in the UK. Our prices are almost 70% lower than the nearest high quality competitor, and our CF1250 Oscillating Plate is the fastest selling unit on the web.

Exercise Bikes: For regular gym goers who love their spin classes, the casual home user, we have a grade of bike that will suit your needs, with some offers that simply won’t be beaten.



Vibration Plate Exercises

Vibration plate training is a form of cardio workout. The platform vibrates as you perform your workout, which cause additional muscle contractions as your body tries to stabilize itself against the moving platform. You can use the machine in the way you would use an aerobic step for strength training, cardiovascular and flexibility exercises.

You can use the platform to improve your health and it also can be an aid for weight loss. You can step up and down off the platform at a fast pace, and you can alternate leading the exercise with your right and left foot. There are many variations that you could do, so why not experiment to see which routines work best for you should aim to exercise for about 20-30 minutes every day.

Working Your Lower Body

Lunges: Step your right foot onto the platform, about 3 feet in front of your left foot. Bend both knees as you lower your body, until your right thing is parallel to the floor. Repeat the process using your left leg.

Calf Rises: Perform these off of the edge of the platform, Stand with the balls of your feet on the platform. Keep your legs straight as you raise and lower your heels to strengthen your lower legs.

Step Up’s: Stand with your right foot on the platform straighten your right leg and you raise it from the floor, bend your knee and put your left foot back to the floor. Complete the same amount of step-ups using your left foot.

Using Your Upper Body

Pushups: Place your hands on the platform with your legs stretched out behind you in a straight line… and push up. Hold yourself in the push up position, your hands should be directly underneath your shoulders and your body should be a straight line, this will strengthen your upper body as well as your core.

Add an increase in a heart rate and change your plank pose to a mountain climber pose by hopping with alternative feet to touch the floor in front of the vibration plate.

Improving Your Flexibility

Vibration training can bring a whole new perspective towards yoga and other flexibility exercises. Put your hands on the platform to form a downwards facing dog pose, Place your feet on the floor about 3-4 feet behind your hands, whilst straightening your legs press your hips towards the ceiling.


Loving and Looking After Your Heart

So this week people all over the world celebrated Valentine’s Day, so we thought there was no better opportunity to give some tips on how to keep your heart healthy. Looking after your self is another way to love yourself, which is what this week is all about!

Heart disease is one of the biggest problems that is affecting our health today. There are many different reasons why people get heart disease, but one that we can take care of is our diets. Many doctors and dieticians believe that if you look after your diet, and eat the right things, it can have a huge beneficial effect on your heart and reduce the risk of heart disease.

It can be difficult to eat well when you lead a busy lifestyle. Although there is advice available on TV that we should all try to improve our eating habits, it’s not always that easy. People with full time jobs can’t always find the time to cook in the evening, or busy mums may not have enough time for a proper lunch.

But having a good diet doesn’t mean a lot of preparation or hard work. In fact if you get healthy eating right then it can be just as easy. Before you make any drastic changes to your diet, it may be an idea to consult your doctor so they can advise you on what would be the best diet plan for you.

If you’re eating a lot of fried food or readymade meals, then you know you’re not eating well. Eating oily fish such as salmon and a small amount of mono saturated oil, such as olive, can be great for you and your heart. Regular exercise is also important. But if you want to know which diet would be best suited for you, and that can help lower the risk of heart disease then consult your doctor or dietician who’ll be more than happy to help you to keep your heart healthy and well!



Treadmills: Runners vs. Walkers


Treadmills  allow you to run, walk or jog indoors from the comfort of your own home. So it’s no surprise that they are gaining in popularity. Treadmills are designed to accommodate walkers and joggers, but different machines handle the demands of jogging better than others. Both walking and jogging are exercises that can play a big part in a fitness routine, providing some great health benefits.


Walking is a form of exercise that virtually everyone is capable of performing. Using a treadmill for walking provides you with a safe and even surface that is slightly flexible, so there is a lower impact on your joints. The great thing about treadmills is that they make walking possible in extreme weather conditions. Walking provides health benefits such as weight loss, lowers the risk of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and could reduce your risk of a heart attack just as well as jogging. Walking can be ideal for those who have knee problems and prefer a low impact workout, as the pivoting platforms reduce the amount of jarring your body may endure when walking.


Jogging burns calories at a faster rate than walking. Making it more helpful for weight loss and increasing your aerobic fitness. Jogging is also tougher on the body so it’s essential that you prepare yourself if you’re planning on running long distances. Set yourself a goal and take time to gradually get there. Throwing yourself into exercise isn’t beneficial and will more than likely lead to injury.

Whether you use a treadmill as a walker or a jogger, it’s important to know the machines controls before you begin your workout. Wear closed toe, supportive shoes, and stretch your legs, warm up at a slow pace for a few minutes before getting into your cardio vascular workout, and its important to cool down at the end of your workout. Once you have your balance, let go out the handles and move naturally, how you would jog outside. Why not consider doing spouts of sprinting, followed by active recovery for a good balance of walking and jogging.


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Top Treadmill Tips

Here are some workout tips for those who have treadmills collecting dust after a few months of purchasing. You may not be using your treadmill correctly if you’re not getting an optimal workout from it. Perhaps you find yourself getting bored quickly, or you may not have seen the type of results that you were expecting. The problem is not in the treadmill but understanding how to exercise properly and how to stay motivated.

Common problems

The common mistake made is that people step on the treadmill straight away and run for half an hour hoping to lose the pounds, in fact this will make you extremely tired very quickly and will probably be very boring. This isn’t an efficient workout either.

Another mistake is starting out at the pace you want to maintain throughout your workout. Exercising like this will quickly lead to sore muscles and possible injuries not to mention that you’ll make yourself frustrated.

Tips for a safe workout

There are certain elements to an effective treadmill exercise, keep these things in mind:

  • Always warm up. It’s important to stretch your muscles and warm them up. perhaps start by walking at a speed of no more than 2 mph for a minute or two, switch from heel to toes for thirty seconds each, then stretch out your stride for another minute, this will help you stretch your muscles properly. When you increase your level of fitness, you could perhaps increase the speed of your warm up to as fast as 4 mph, which will be a brisk power walk or a light jog.
  • Increase your workout slowly. You should gradually increase your difficulty level. Progress too quickly and you risk over-working your muscles or you could sustain an injury. This is one of the most important tips when it comes down to a treadmill workout. ‘Burn-out’ is very often the outcome of trying to rush results.
  • Always cool down. Jumping straight off the treadmill after running is an invitation for muscle cramps. You should slow down your pace and allow your muscle and heart rate to return to normal while you’re moving.



Fuel F63 Treadmill


Using Your Cross Trainer at Home

Elliptical Cross trainers make the perfect addition to your personal fitness equipment. Many people prefer working out at home because it is at their own convenience and they can feel comfortable in their own privacy. Downsides to using the gym include having to wait to use equipment, and not forgetting the gym membership that goes along with it. If you calculated how much money you spent on an annual gym membership, it would in most cases work out cheaper to invest in a cross trainer.

Cross trainers are basically a mixture of several exercise machines, with the 2 movable handles and foot pedals you can guarantee a full body workout. Cross trainers offer a full cardio workout, with the minimal risk of injury. So instead of buying several fitness machines that will take up a lot of room in your house, it may be a good idea to just invest in a cross trainer.

For an effective workout session, consider choosing a cross trainer with progress display screens, there are also a range of cross trainers available with heart rate monitors so you can fully track your progress. The great thing about cross trainers is that they require minimal floor space in your home; they are easy and compact and are great to manoeuvre.

Tips on How to Exercise Using a Cross Trainer

It’s important to place your heels flat on peddles, some people may extend their heels upwards throughout the workout session, and this can lead to soreness of the calf muscles. To prevent this feet should be placed centrally on the pedals and keep them comfortably flat throughout the workout.

Warming up is essential, concentrate on  your calf and lower leg muscles in general, to avoid any injury or soreness with extensive use of the cross trainer.

Aim for extended arms movements, instead of constrained movements. It is important to use your arms to aid in speed control, as opposed to just relying on your legs. This helps you achieve a much more effective workout.

Set yourself a challenge, keeping the setting at an easy level will not help your fitness efforts, the best way is to start at a comfortable level and slowly raise the level as your workout progresses.

The most important tip is to keep hydrated, so always have a bottle of water nearby.

elliptical cross trainer

Fuel FE46F Folding Elliptical Cross Trainer


Treadmills Vs Elliptical CrossTrainers

Treadmills and Elliptical cross trainers are the probably the two most popular pieces of home gym equipment and are great for full body workouts and aerobic exercise. Elliptical cross trainers have come to table quite recently, whereas treadmills have been around for a while and are one of the most well known pieces of gym equipment. But before you go out and commit yourself to buying a treadmill take a quick look at Elliptical cross trainers

Cross trainers are an impact free workout, which can make this piece of home gym equipment ideal for people with joint problems. Yet the treadmill offers a workout with more impact which strengthens the bones.

The main benefit of using a treadmill is to provide a better running experience for a dedicated runner, walker or jogger. During colder months it may be advisable to invest this piece of equipment, as the torrential weather conditions are enough to put a stop to any form of outdoor exercise.

If you’re looking for a total body workout then the elliptical cross trainer would be the machine for you. It has dual handle bars to give your arms a workout and foot pedals to exercise the legs. With less impact a cross trainer may feel like you’re putting in less effort than running, but in fact your burning just as many calories.

The main reason why treadmill sales have been so successful over the past few years is that you’re able to increase the ramp incline to simulate running uphill this allows a varied workout. Now the Elliptical cross trainer also gives you variation, as you can adjust the foot pedals, to simulate cross country skiing.

So it really comes down to your personal preference, you should take into consideration if you have any joint problems or perhaps if you feel you need to take a steady step into the world of exercise. The elliptical will be the right piece of equipment for you.

If you feel you need more of a cardiovascular workout, which include, walking, jogging and running. You can vary your workout. Try the treadmill, it’s more of a natural way of exercise, and modern technologies can simulate running on the road. So people of all ages and sizes can find a workout that suits them and enjoy it at their own pace.

It’s impossible to say which machine is the best as it comes down to your own personal preference.


Finding The Time To Exercise

We all love having time off over Christmas and New Year, and we can see this an opportunity for a new start, perhaps your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight or get fitter. So we invest our time and money into gym memberships and in our time off work we turn into fitness gurus. But what happens when we have to go back to work? Our priorities are no longer in losing weight but turn back to our careers.

Perhaps you’ve worked so hard to maintain your weight loss goal. The last thing you want to do is regain the weight that you’ve spent so much time and effort trying to lose.  Before you know it, it can become an obsession. But don’t let weight loss takeover you life. Most people have very busy lifestyles and find it hard to fit in a routine exercise, and if your finding this hard then there are a number of things that you can do to add exercise into your daily routine.

Firstly you could start using your lunch breaks and go for a walk. You’d be surprised how much you could benefit from regular small doses of exercise. Figure out a few different routes, and take a different one each day, perhaps incorporate stair climbing, for those bad weather days.

Why not try cycling to work instead of driving or try walking if you don’t like that far away, a ten minute walk will help as long as it is hard enough to get you slightly out of breath.

If you’re based at home, plan your week so you can get of the house regularly; take a few trips to the shops every week. Look at way in which you can be more active around the home. Invest in some home gym equipment such as a Treadmill, Cross Trainer, or Vibration Plate.

If your day doesn’t let you incorporate exercise, then set your alarm for half an hour before you usually do. This will allow you time to go for a brisk walk before you go to work, if you know that there’s no way  you can fit exercise in before work re consider how you could spend your time on an evening. Most of us spend a lot of time watching T.V so why not purchase a piece of home gym equipment and work out while you’re doing it.

Schedule your next exercise session, write it down, and also record what you did in your work out, so you can keep track of your achievements.

We all know how busy our life’s can be but making the smallest changes can really help us to improve and maintain healthier happier lifestyle.




What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?


New Year’s Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.

Home gym equipment has become more and more popular with the constraints of modern day living. A common perception of exercise is that it is time consuming activity, therefore is a daunting thought. The truth behind exercise however, is that as little as half an hour of moderate activity on most forms of home exercise equipment on a daily basis will be enough to improve your health and fitness.

Getting Fit

Regular exercise has been associated health benefits more than anything else. Studies show that exercise:

  • Reduces the risk of some cancers
  • Increases life expectancy
  • Helps and maintains weight loss
  • Enhances moods
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Can improve arthritis

To summarise exercise keeps you healthy as well as making you look and feel better. Why not make the New Year the perfect time to start getting in shape.

Watching your weight

With the increasing levels of obesity it’s no surprise that weight loss is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Setting reasonable targets and staying focussed are the two main things when sticking to a weight loss plan. But they key to success is to stay committed.

Breaking off the Booze

Alcohol is loaded with empty calories, so drinking alcohol in moderation is vital, avoid large amounts of alcohol (binge drinking) as well as not partaking in alcoholic beverages every single day of the year.

Quitting Smoking

This is a great time of year to quit smoking. Not only will you extend your own life, but the lives of others around you. There is a variety of information and help available, so see your local doctor/GP for advice.


At Orbus Leisure, we are able to provide you with varied range of home fitness equipment that is proven to assist you in transforming your lifestyle for good!


Weight Loss: Getting Back to the Basics


Losing weight is a popular subject. Countless people claim to have answer to all of your weight loss troubles.  But, you are too smart to fall for that claim, right? Realize that not everyone has the right answers.  True weight loss success will come when you discover what works for you.  Don’t rely on others to give you answers about losing weight.  Lose it by getting back to the basics.


What exactly are “the basics?”
Bogus claims of miracle weight loss through pills, drinks, and fad diets have blinded dieters of the basics in losing weight. People looking for the easy way out quick revert to what are claims of “the easiest ways to lose weight.”  Refuse to fall in to this trap and lean on what you know is true about weight loss.  The following are a few examples.

• You will have to limit your calorie intake.  Pay no attention to diets that say that you can eat what you want and lose weight. This is simply not true.  It is one of the fundamentals of weight loss. You must limit your calorie intake to see real weight loss results.
• You will have to incorporate in daily exercise.  This is a popular one.  Many diet programs claim that they can help you lose weight without moving a muscle during the day.  Don’t take these claims seriously. To see real results and keep the weight off, you will need to incorporate at least some type of exercise.  The best part is, you will lose weight and feel great doing it.
• You will need to drink water.  Drinking water is important to ANY diet. The more water you drink, the better off you will be.  Water is good for you and has many weight loss advantages.  Replace diet drinks, sodas, etc with water and watch your weight loss numbers increase.

• Fresh, fresh, fresh,.  You’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat.” Well, this is especially true in losing weight.  If you eat fatty foods you will have fat. If you eat fresh, healthy foods, you will begin to see that fat fade away.


Don’t be fooled by bogus claims from people whose only goal is to take your hard earned money. Remember the weight loss basics mentioned above. If they aren’t a part of the plan, you may want to reconsider.  Let the weight loss basics be the core of your diet plan.


Losing Weight with Cross Trainers


Losing weight will without a doubt involve diet and exercise.  While diet pills and other “miracle” solutions may work for a day or two, real weight loss results come from getting healthy and fit.  If you are looking for a way to lose weight, consider investing in a cross trainer for your home gym.  This low impact machine can aid you in reaching your weight loss goal.  The following are a few tips on how to lose weight with a cross trainer.


Invest in a machine that has weight loss workouts already programmed into the machine.  It can be tricky trying to figure out how long or how difficult your workout needs to be to effectively lose weight on a cross trainer.  Choose a machine that has the “guess” work figured out for you.  Many cross trainers come with built in workouts to help you meet your weight loss goals.


Watch your diet.  While you can certainly lose weight on a cross trainer, what you eat on a daily basis will also have an effect on whether or not you lose weight.  You can’t eat what you want and expect to lose weight quickly. For the best results on a cross trainer, eat a healthy diet.


Use your cross trainer at least 4 to 5 times a week.  To lose weight with your cross trainer, you will have to use it! Don’t let it just sit in your home gym or bedroom waiting to be used.  For the best weight loss results, use the cross trainer 4 to 5 times a week for a period of 30 minutes or longer. The higher your intensity of workouts, the better results your will get from the machine.

Make your workout as comfortable as possible. Be sure to invest in workout gear that will give you the added comfort you need to get your daily workout in on your cross trainer. From the right shoes to the right workout clothes, be sure that you are completely comfortable when you step on the machine. Uncomfortable shoes and clothes will serve only to give you a reason to quit.


Cross trainers are great for losing weight.  Use the tips above to get the most benefits from a cross trainer in meeting your weight loss goals.  Weight loss success awaits you! Will you allow a cross trainer to help you meet your goal?


Getting Fit in the Comfort of Your Own Home – Is it really possible?

You’ve likely seen commercials and advertisements on television highlighting the simplicity of getting fit at home.  Is there any validity to these claims? Is it really possible to get in shape while working out at home?

The answer is YES!

With motivation and the right equipment, getting fit at home can be as easy as taking daily trips to the gym.  The following are 4 ways in which getting fit at home can become a reality for you.

Begin by scheduling daily workouts.  If you are going to be successful in getting fit in the comfort of your own home, you must begin by actually working time into your schedule to get the work down.  Schedule at least 30 minutes to an hour a day for working out.  Choose the time of the day where you won’t be overly tired such as when you come in from work.

Set yourself up for success.  Success can become a reality for you if you have the means to get the job done.  What equipment will you be using for the daily workouts? A cross trainer, stationary bike, or a treadmill are all good example of equipment that can help you meet your goals.

Switch up your routine.  Doing the same workout day in and day out can lead to boredom quickly.  Find ways to switch up your routine.  Choose at least two days of the week to get outside and exercise. Go for a long run or brisk walk in addition to using your exercise equipment.  Discover ways to beat the boredom so that you don’t end up giving up.

Take a day to relax.  To get the most benefits from exercising, you will need to choose at least one day of the week to sit back and relax.  Your muscles will need time to recover from strenuous workouts.  What day of the week will you choose to relax?

It is possible to get fit in the comfort of your own home if you are willing to put in the hard work and effort.  Creating a home gym with exercise equipment can help set yourself up for success. Be sure to switch up your routine periodically and take at least one day of the week to sit back and relax.  Will you be successful at getting fit in your own home?


Vibration Plates! A New Wave of Fitness

New to the fitness scene is the use of vibration plates to help one meet weight loss and fitness goals.  As the popularity of them grows on a daily basis, the benefits of using vibration plates continue to be revealed. If you are considering using vibration plates to help you achieve your fitness goals but are unaware of the many benefits, the following information will be helpful for you.

Vibration plates improve muscle strength!

If you are looking to improve muscle strength, vibration plates may be the answer for you.  The continuous vibration of the muscles in the body causes them to contract, improving muscle strength.  It is a great tool to use if you are recovering from an injury and trying to regain strength in a particular area of your body.

They help decrease cortisol levels! 

Spend 15 minutes on a vibration plate and your body will think it has gone through an hour of exercise.  Just as when you exercise your cortisol levels decrease it will decrease when you spend time on the vibration plate. You get the benefits of exercising without putting in the hard work effort.

They are great for improving weight loss results! 

Losing weight involves burning calories. Vibration plates are great calorie burning tools.  These machines have proven effective in helping countless celebrities get the weight loss results and bodies that they have always dreamed of.  For ultimate calorie burn, consider investing in a vibration plate.  After all, calorie burn is the key to weight loss success.

Vibration plates help increase energy levels and improve your mood! 

If you are looking to get more energy and be in a better mood, vibration plates may be your answer.  They help release serotonin which directly affects how you feel on a daily basis.

Are vibration plates the answer for you?  Whether you choose to invest in a vibration plate for your home or try one out of your local gym, do not underestimate the health benefits that this new wave of fitness can offer you.  From an improvement in muscle strength to more energy, you will live a happier, healthier lifestyle by taking advantage of the many benefits vibration plates can offer you.  Read the many reviews and find out for yourself the success stories surrounding vibration plates.  Will you be added to the list of success stories?


Get On Your Bike!

Cycling is a great leisure activity enjoyed by people young and old. Not only is cycling a great way to get from A to B but it also delivers a fantastic cardio workout every time you take to the saddle.  Cycling indoors using an exercise bike is a convenient way to get the health benefits of traditional bike riding within the confines of your own home.

There are several different types of exercise bike available on the fitness equipment market right now, with the three most popular being:

Upright – an upright back is the closest in terms of design and seating position to a traditional road bike.

Recumbent – this type of bike has its seat positioned parallel to the ground with the pedals infront of the user, rather than below. Unlike a traditional bike the seat has a back rest, as your position is to lean back slightly. This offers additional support and prevents straining the lower back.

Semi-Recumbent – the seat on a semi recumbent exercise cycle is inclined and is often considered easier for the elderly to use and dismount.

BH Fitness Exercise Bike

The exercise bike is one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment, thanks to its many benefits, which include:

Easy to use – hop on, start peddling and you are away.

Resistance – many bikes not feature a variety of resistance levels so you can make the routine as demanding or as simple as you like.

Variety – if the bike has an onboard computer you can choose from a variety of routines which may include sprints, hill climbs and endurance races.

Tracking – with an onboard computer you can track your progress as you exercise. This includes distance covered, calories burnt, heart rate and speed. You can monitor your progress as the months progress.

Easy to avoid boredom – You can avoid boredom by performing your routine whilst watching TV or listening to music.

Storage – many exercise bikes will fold away, meaning when they are not in use they can be stored neatly away.


Buying the Right Elliptical Cross Trainer

Want to get in shape? Want a piece of fitness equipment that can deliver a great cardio workout effectively and safely? If you have answered “Yes” to either of these questions then you should consider buying an Elliptical Cross Trainer.

The elliptical cross trainer is one of the most sought after pieces of home gym equipment right now and its popularity looks set to eclipse that of the treadmill, which for years has been the “King” of the fitness world.  The advantages of the elliptical cross trainer are there for all to see; not only does the machine workout your whole body, but unlike running or lifting weights the action is low impact, meaning far less chance of injury or strain. Plus, the routine is so simple that even the first time user will have no problems getting a challenging yet really effective workout.

When buying an elliptical cross trainer there are a number of things that you ought to consider in order to get the most for your money.

Budget should be your first consideration. Set yourself a budget and try to stick to it. However, pay close attention to the specification of the machines which fall into your budget and consider upgrading if your pocket will allow. For a little extra cash you may get a whole host of added features that will give your workout that added oomph!

Specification is important and as mentioned above, try and stretch your budget so you get the highest spec possible. Little extras such as an onboard computer to monitor distance, calories, heart rate and time can really help to keep you motivated and to push yourself harder during your workout. Look out for things such as a large fly-wheel and a high weight capacity. The sturdier the cross trainer the better!

Make some room for it! A good quality elliptical cross trainer will be fixed in position, meaning it cannot be folded away. Make sure you have the room for it and if possible dedicate one room in your home to exercise. Add a stereo or TV and before you know it you will have your very own personalised home gym to rival your local health club.

With regular use an elliptical cross trainer will help to boost your overall level of health and fitness and will shape up your body, adding tone and definition to your muscles whilst also aiding weight loss (provided you are eating right). This is an item of fitness equipment that no home gym should ever be without.


Avoid the Gym Bunnies by creating a Home Gym

We are all aware that in order to lose weight and tone up we need to exercise. But many of us would do anything to avoid a tri-weekly trip to the gym. The membership fees are high, the fellow members can be intimidating and your favourite piece of equipment is often favoured by everyone else before you. So what can you do to get round this problem? Simple, create a home gym instead.

Think about it… what could be better? You get to work out in your own time, in your own home and on which ever piece of equipment you prefer. No long queues for the treadmill, no sickeningly slim Lycra clad gym bunnies to erode your self confidence, just quality fitness equipment for your sole use.

A home gym is easy to create and many of us will admit to having at least one room in the house that doesn’t get as much use as it should. And don’t forget, you can even create a home gym in the garage or shed if space inside is too tight. A garage is actually ideal, because it is likely to be cooler than the rest of the house (perfect for when you are working up a sweat) and will have a solid floor meaning it can take the weight of the equipment with ease. You can also bounce up and down to your heart’s content without any creaking floorboards so you don’t disturb anybody.

In order to get the most from your exercise routine make sure you install either a TV or stereo in your home gym. Exercising to music really helps to establish a tempo and the TV can really help to distract you from the monotinty of exercise. Just think how quickly half an hour on the cross trainer will go if you are watching your favourite soap opera at the same time!

Motivation can be the biggest hurdle to the success of your home gym. You need to ensure that once you have installed your equipment you use is regularly. You won’t get fit simply by looking at it (or using it as a place to hang clothes from). When choosing your equipment you don’t need to go crazy; buy one product initially before investing in something else once you have established a routine. Fitness equipment for your own home gym is a financial investment, but it is also an investment in your future health and fitness levels.


Get Your Abs in Shape with a Vibration Plate Workout

Vibration plates are becoming famous for delivering a quality, whole body workout and are appearing in homes, gyms and beauty salons throughout the UK. In addition to exercising the whole body you can actually target specific areas of your body and really achieve noticeable results. Take your abs for example… how many sit-ups can you really do in a day and are you ever going to achieve that flat, washboard stomach and a toned, strong core body.

Rather than simply standing on the vibrating platform you can perform a series of more traditional exercises on the machine. Push-ups are a great example… by kneeling in front of the machine you can perform a series of push-ups that will target your arms, chest and abs. In contrast to performing this exercise on a solid floor, you only need to do around 10-20 reps, 3-4 times per week to achieve fantastic results.

Another great abdominal exercise to try when using the vibration plate is the side abs stretch. Sit on the vibrating platform, stretch your arms out in front of you and slowly swing you arms together from left to right whist continuing to face forward. Your core body is doing all the hard work here and your abs are really being tested. To make this routine even more effective you can add weights or hold a medicine ball. The intensity of the vibrations will mean that after just a minute or two you will really start to feel the burn!

Following this exercise you can then incorporate your legs. Place your hands behind you so they are flat on the plate. Your bottom is now directly above the floor and your legs are stretched out in front of you. Bend your arms so your bottom is lowered towards the floor (without ever touching it). Repeat this for no more than one minute and achieve toned arms and back abdominal muscles.

These are just a few examples of exercises you can do on a vibration plate. The possibilities for exercise are endless, but the intensity is magnified simply because of the vibration technology. This means that through a shorter workout you can actually yield better results. Why not make today the day you give a vibration plate a try!


Vibrate your way to a Firmer Physique

The Vibration Plate is one of the most revolutionary pieces of fitness equipment to hit the home gym market in recent years. Whole Body Vibration Training (WBVT) is now a recognised way of burning through fat, banishing cellulite and adding tone and definition to your body. This is achieved because the vibrating platform transfers vibrations through your body, causing your muscles to involuntarily flex and contract at a rapid rate. Because these vibrations are so rapid the results are achieved much faster compared with traditional cardio exercise.

If you use a vibration plate 3 times or more per week in conjunction with eating a healthy diet you will see results including:

  • A reduction in the appearance of cellulite
  • Improved skin tone
  • Improved muscle definition
  • Increased bone density
  • Improved blood circulation

Vibration plates are not some miracle cure; don’t be fooled into thinking you can just stand on one and watch the flab fall away before your eyes. You need to exercise when using the plate, but these exercises can be as simple as press-ups, squats and lunges. Be warned, these exercises will feel harder when standing on the vibrating platform because your muscles are being worked so much harder. But for this reason you can compact a typical 50 minute workout into around 15 minutes and achieve better results when using the vibration plate.


Buying an Elliptical Cross Trainer

The elliptical cross trainer has revolutionised the fitness industry in recent years and sales in the USA are now outstripping sales of the ever popular treadmill. It is an amazing piece of home gym equipment because it delivers a whole body cardio workout that will not only transform your physique but will also boost your overall level of health and wellbeing.

The elliptical cross trainer allows you to exercise your legs, tummy, buttocks, abs and arms all at the same time and this is great if you want to burn through the calories. Because it is a low-impact piece of equipment there is less negative force on your muscles and joints; this means you have a far lower chance of sustaining an injury and that the product is safe for all abilities and ages.

When shopping for a cross trainer there are a few things to look out for:

Pre-Programmed Exercise Routines

You are more likely to achieve good results of you buy an elliptical cross trainer with an onboard computer which allows you to choose from a variety of pre-programmed routines. Without this you are more than likely just going to “go through the motions” rather than complete a routine that will challenge you. Many quality cross trainers now feature an onboard computer and if you want to get the best results for your money this is certainly a feature you should be looking for.

Adjustable Resistance

Over time and with regular exercise our bodies will become used to a frequent routine. You want your cross trainer to meet your physical needs, not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced fitness fanatic. Therefore look for a model which allows you to set your own resistance level. As a beginner, or indeed if you want a good cardio workout, you should select a low resistance level. As you become stronger, or if you want to burn through fat, you should increase the intensity level to make the workout harder and more challenging.

Size and Storage

It is OK having a huge, bulky cross trainer in the gym, but do you really want something that is going to dominate a room in your home when it is not in use? Many good quality cross trainers are supplied so they can be folded away when not in use. OK, they won’t be compact enough to slide under the bed, but they will be less bulky and cumbersome than none folding models. Think about the space in your home before buying.

An elliptical cross trainer is a firm favourite, thanks to its ease of use and amazing results. Buy one today and start your health, fitness and weight loss journey right away. Good luck!


Buying Fitness Equipment? Evaluate your Goals First


Are you shopping around for fitness equipment right now? Before you buy you need to consider why exactly it is that you need the product; what are your overall goals and targets and why do you want to get fit. Only when you have evaluated your needs will you be able to purchase the product that is right for you.


The first thing to remember is that your home gym equipment is not some “miracle” machine. Sure, they can help you to really tone up your body, lose weight and get in great shape but this can only be done with effort on your part. To get the most from any piece of fitness equipment you really need to use it around 3-5 times per week. Dedication is required and it can be hard to motivate yourself, but stick with it; after several weeks of regular exercise you WILL start to see results. And seeing those great results in the mirror is usually enough to motivate most of us to keep up with a regular routine.


Do you want to tone your whole body, or are you just concerned about one single area? It may be that your whole body needs some attention – in this case you need to buy a piece of cardio equipment such as an elliptical cross trainer or a vibration plate. By having a regular cardio workout to challenge your legs, buttocks, abs and arms you will not only workout your whole body but you will also improve your physical well-being.


If you are in search of a more targeted workout then choose a piece of specialist gym equipment. An exercise bike is perhaps one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment there is, and this is because it is incredibly effective at toning the lower body. Legs and buttocks benefit from an amazing workout and can become toned and defined within months.


If you are wanting to bulkup your body by building muscle mass then weights are ideal. Weight lifting equipment is affordable and when used correctly can transform your body. Go for a gradual increase in weight though; don’t simply rush in and buy a product that is beyond your capabilities.


Really do your homework before buying. If you choose the wrong product you are likely to quickly become disillusioned with both the routine and the results you are achieving. Buy wisely and you will transform your body and have a regular workout routine that will be both challenging and enjoyable.