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Uplift in Interest Free Fitness Equipment Sales

With the economy still slow, and the emphasis moving towards easy payment options, there has been a sharp rise in 0% interest free sales within the fitness industry.

Orbus Leisure have shown a lead and as a result have seen significant growth in this areas, as it has developed ‘smart’ offers which allow its buyers to source higher quality, traditionally higher spend items, in a cost effect, spread-payment way.

This has been particularly well received by Treadmill and higher end Cross Trainer buyers, who can equate the low monthly payments to a standard gym membership scheme. The difference being that after 12 months they own a significant piece of equipment outright!

It also makes it so much easier to justify a trade up to a more expensive model, without the need for and associated worry of a singular high value payment being required.

These offers are not confined to these two pieces of fitness equipment exclusively, with other great deals showing in the Vibration plate, Rowing machine and Exercise Bike categories also.


Orbus XT4000 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Orbus XT4000 Elliptical Cross Trainer enjoys a lofty position in the home fitness category.

Cost effective enough to be considered affordable, while large and sturdy enough to be classed as a higher end unit. Comparable units will often fall short on specification, design or build quality, which is why the XT4000 is considered one of the Best Buy Elliptical in the market today.

Like other models in the Orbus range, it incorporates an impressive back lit touch screen computer which displays clear, easy to read data and allows the user to enjoy a range or automatic programs or select a bespoke workout via a manual program mode.

It has a smooth 10kg flywheel, 16 levels of resistance and a capable 15 inch stride. It comes with the usual comprehensive 12 month warranty and has received rave reviews from novice users and more experience gym users. This product is more than cable of sitting in pride of place in your home gym, or is effective enough to be your dedicated piece of fitness equipment. A well rounded, high quality unit by any measure.


Orbus XT520 Elliptical Cross Trainer

If you are looking for a low cost cross trainer to boost your fitness regime at home, then the Orbus XT520 Elliptical Cross Trainer is one that can offer great stability and quality, yet remains within the “cheap cross trainer” bracket.

In fact, over the last two years the XT520 has become one the bests selling pieces of fitness equipment on the internet, with sales out stripping some of the more established brands.

Why is this? Well, it has a bigger than average 10.5Khg flywheel and great frame. It’s comfortable and simple to use and quiet and smooth in motion. Also, it allows for a healthy 120kg maximum user weight, which will cover most requirements.

All in all it offers great value and has become the trainer of choice for so many happy customers.

It is a manual machine, so unlike its sister machine, the Orbus XT501 Elliptical, it does not have the same programmability functions, but if you are simply looking to get on with some worthwhile basic elliptical training, to improve stamina, fitness and assist with weight loss, then this is the ideal model for most occasions. It also doesn’t need to be positioned near a power point, so can be used anywhere in the house, and with its integrated transport wheels can be moved with little fuss.

Overall a great buy, with great levels of customer satisfaction wrapped in a budget price level package.

Buy now with confidence at Elliptical Cross Trainers.


Today’s Top 3 Interest Free Offers

Following the announcement of the Interest Free offers launch on the web site, here are our top three 0% APR offers;

Orbus XT4000 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Retailing at £599, discounted to £349, and now available from under £30 per month, over 12 months, this is one of the best value Cross Trainers on the web. With rave reviews and outstanding specification, this heavy duty, superior home use trainer is the must have pieces of equipment in any home gym.

Orbus Pro X9000 Treadmill

Retailing at £999, discounted to £549, and now available from under £42 per month, over 12 months this must be the ‘best buy’ running machine option available online today. It has such a gigantic spec and unrivalled build quality; why would you buy anything else? 

Horizon Oxford 4 Air Rowing Machine

At only £599 the Oxford 4 is one of the best recognised and best equipped rowers available anywhere in the world. Now available at under £45 per month, over 12 months we guarantee this is the best offer you will see anywhere on this iconic machine.


Buy Fitness Equipment on 0% Interest Free Credit

This week Orbus Leisure has announced a superb new development to revolutionise shopping on their web site. In conjunction with Pay4Later, one of the UKs leading finance brokers, we are introducing some great monthly payment offers on a range of new stock, with options starting at 0% APR with a full 12 months interest free credit. Further deals up to 2 year fixed rate terms are also available on most items.

There has never been a better time to invest in that home gym, with low regular repayments that equate to less than a few months gym membership!

Take a look at some of the unbeatable offers available now.


Orbus XT501 Elliptical Cross Trainer – One of the UK’s best sellers

Buying the right elliptical cross trainer is always a very difficult decision. The variations and costs available are when you look at the cross trainers for sale these days is just staggering, so how do you know where to start?

Well, if you are searching for a good home use piece of cardio fitness equipment, you could start by looking at what sells well; and considering exactly why this is the case. The Orbus XT501 is in fact one of the UK’s best-selling ellipticals, and has been so for the last few years at least.

It has developed over time with the introduction of an update touch screen computer, and increased programmability, but the overall build quality has always remained constant.

Its sales levels are testament to a comparison between this quality level, its functionality and of course the competitive nature of its pricing.  

If you are still unsure which way to go, then maybe it’s worth asking yourself if so many people can be wrong?


Free Vibration Plate?

If you have been recently considering which vibration plate to buy, then why not stop worrying for a while and see if you can get one for free instead?

Maybe we can help? There is just one more week to enter out twitter competition to win a super Orbus Power Vibe eTone vibration plate. It’s free to enter and will give one lucky winner a great start to their fitness campaign with the oscillating eTone Toning Plate.

You can find the competition on the Competwition web site. Good luck!


Health, Leisure, Fitness and Wellbeing Exhibition Calendar 2012/2013


The next few months see a great wealth of exhibitions showcasing the health and fitness industry. Here are some of the highlights, with links to the relevant sites.


18-20th September 2012, NEC Birmingham

Leisure Industry Week (LIW) has become the largest UK leisure exhibition dedicated to the whole leisure industry sector.

Highlighting the latest fitness equipment to indoor play, membership retention through to healthy eating, LIW covers all areas.


23rd – 24th September 2012, Olympia, London

Representing over 400 brands from all areas of the beauty industry, exhibiting the latest products and collections for 2012/2013.


28th – 30th September 2012, Olympia, London

With TaiChi, Belly Dancing, Pilates, Zumba, Yoga and Salsa all represented in an eclectic collection of complementary health, spiritual awareness and personal development. The event aims are to visitors develop a healthy mind, body and soul.


20th – 21st October 2012, NEC, Birmingham

A fantastic weekend of wellbeing, health, fitness. Get advice to help you feel better, look better and live better.


26th – 28th October 2012, Olympia, London

This exhibition offers a total yoga experience, with demonstrations, products and lectures. You can find everything you will need for yoga & pilates practice together with inspirational products for a healthy lifestyle.

THE 50+ SHOW 2013

1st – 2nd March 2013, Manchester Central

This age group is discovering new lifestyles and is seeking new ways to stay healthy, lively and well informed. Exhibitors with an interest in ‘mature’ markets come together under one roof.


21st – 24th March 2013, Earls Court, London

Vitality Show is the UK’s largest health, beauty, fitness and well-being event for women, with free fitness and yoga classes, free food and health advice, demonstrations and classes. Learn how to get fit and stay in shape.


What is spinning?


You may understand what a spin bike is, and have seen rows of bikes lines up at the gym, but what actually happens in a spin class?

Well, for the uninitiated, spin bikes are simply indoor cycles, that closely resemble standard road bikes. The words ‘spin’ bike, or ‘spinning’ bike are registered trademarks, so are not descriptions sellers of indoor bikes can use without permission. That isn’t to say that indoor cycles, not described as ‘spin’, which are widely available, are of less quality, or provide less of a workout.

You standard ‘spin’ class will involve a motivational gathering, led by an instructor. They will lead the class through an imaginary ride, telling the class when to rise from the saddle as they approach a theoretical ‘hill’, when to accelerate and when to slow. Of course, the coach will work the class through a warm up and cool down period as well, but the main benefits people fond are that it can be greatly motivational to be pushed to your limits by the class leader, and some element of competitiveness can shine through, pushing motivation higher.

Of course, the class member will ultimately decide what level of ‘torcher’ (enjoyment) they will reach, as they will determine their effort and resistance levels, although the leader will encourage the class the move up and down through resistance levels during the workout.

The classes normally last between 30 and 60 minutes and are brilliant for those wanting a push, or as a good replacement for road work during the bleaker months!

Those who are looking for a more solitary experience can of course replicate this type of workout at home, with your own exercise bike. You would just need to bring your own motivation and imagination to make the experience as enjoyable and varied as possible.


Cross Trainer vs Treadmill

Running machines and cross trainers are the two most popular pieces of fitness equipment. And when people are looking for a superb aerobic workout, they will more often than not choose one or the other to complement their exercise equipment collection!

Elliptical Cross Trainers are relatively new to market, compared to Treadmills. Consequently, the treadmill is better known and has long been the number one choice. But which machine should you chose to give best performance and hence best value for money?

Quite simply, personal choice will outweigh most other aspects of the decision. Some people just love to run, whereas some prefer the lower impact cardio exercise a cross trainer can bring. In effect, this signifies the main difference. Treadmills, although nowadays commonly well cushioned, do affect higher impact on the body. Also, they are more limited ion respect of giving a whole body workout. Having said that, for the dedicated runner, they offer a true training experience, which will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

Elliptical Cross Trainers are impact free, and the dual handlebar and leg motion, which can be reversed, offers a broader whole body workout, whereas running machines focus on the lower body as they simulate outdoor jogging.

Interestingly, although both types of machine are excellent at burning calories and improving cardio respiratory health, because of the lower impact, cross trainers may burn more calories with effectively a reduced felling of ‘effort’.

Again, personal choice will lead most buyers, but if you are unsure, then the thoughts above provide a few aspects that may weight your judgement and are well worth considering.


Paralympics Timetable


Is this one of the best summers of sport Great Britton has ever had? First the Euros, then the Olympics, then the start of the Football season, and now the Paralympics!

If you do need any inspiration to start your fitness training regime, to climb back onto your fitness equipment, be it a treadmill, cross trainer, exercise bike, or indoor rowing machine; or if you prefer, simply just to don some trainers and get out into the park, then this summer should have given you the push you may have needed.

Of course we wish the best of luck to all out Paralympic heroes. If you want to catch up on the events, you can find a great schedule which will timetable the coming events on the London 2012 Paralympics web site.


Mains Powered v Manual Cross Trainer

When choosing a new piece of exercise equipment for your home, you may have been looking at both Electrical, or Mains Powered Cross Trainers and Manual alternatives.

To explain, there really are only two simple differences. The ability to program the machine and use automatic programs, and how smooth the resistance change will be.

Mains driven machines are their powered from a standard mains socket, which means the computer can be much more flexible and dynamic. There will be a motor inside the flywheel cover which takes instruction from the computer, and automatically changes the resistance level. So, you will usually be able to choose an automatic program that will replicate undulating terrain, and increase and reduce the resistance as if you were going up and down hills and alike.

As the resistance change is electrical, the change is smoother than a manual machine. A simple analogy would be to compare an automatic car to a manual gearbox alternative.

The manual elliptical require usually a dial turn to alter resistance, so automatic computer programs are not possible.

So, which type of elliptical cross trainer is best? Well, of course you need to compare build specification, size, quality etc. Generally mains powered machines are of higher build spec, but not always. But in respect of the manual v electronic versions, then if you are experience and looking for some more dynamic training you may want the option of the extra programmability. If you are more of a novice, and wish to set a resistance levels then simply work away, then there is no reason why a manual machine, which is usually cheaper, would not suite your needs sufficiently.

So, the choice is yours!


How do vibration plates work?

Of the different types of vibration plate available, in general, oscillating plates seem to be better received by those who are not regular gym goers, but are looking to simple lose some weight and tone, or reduce cellulite. They are the gentler, but no less effective, alternative to vertical movement machines, such as Power Plate, and would definately be our recommendation for a beginner to vibration.

Whole body vibration plates (WBV) use vibrations create from a base platform which transfers movement from the feet upwards.

The effect of the vibration is that your body will attempt to ‘stabilise’ itself in direct competition with the vibration. In effect, your muscles keep you in balance, although don’t let that worry you, in reality you will not feel as if you are being thrown off the machine, as the movements are slight yet rapid.

Your muscle fibres contract around 30-50 times a second, burning fat and strengthening. As a whole  resulting in weight loss, reductions in cellulite and many other benefits which would include  boosting metabolism rates and improving circulation.

The term oscillating vibration plate trainers describes they type of movement produced by the platform, or base. An oscillating machine will move in see-saw type motion. So, to use a simple analogy, imagine if you were stood on a see-saw, with one foot either side of the centre, then at any time one foot would be moving down, whilst the other would move up. On an oscillating vibration plate this would only be a very small movement of about 10-12mm, described as the amplitude. So as we said, you will not get the feeling that you are being thrown around! In fact, it should only be the pounds that come off!


Sweating to Improve your Mind?

It’s easy just to concentrate on the visual results of training and exercise.

Next time you are sweating on your Elliptical Cross Trainer, or pounding ‘the streets’ on your Treadmill, just take a moment to consider that all this work can make you smarter and happier as well!

Smarter and Happier? – If you think your exercise regime will only give you an advantage in respect of weight loss, stamina or cardio efficiency, then you might be missing the full picture.

It’s true that your efforts will help reduce the risk of heart problems, diabetes and cancer, but it’s true that your mind and wellbeing may benefit just as much from your effort and commitment.

Harvard Medical School psychiatrist John Ratey, the author of the book, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, explains that “Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning.”

He adds that “Even 10 minutes of activity changes your brain.” So, surely, if you ever need any added incentive to don your trainers and climb onto your fitness equipment, then this positive message should be it.

If you want to explore these ideas in greater detail, then you can check out the book on Amazon. We recommend it as a great read for those looking to gain, or even re-build, inspiration for your fitness workouts.


Has Your Cardio Workout Peaked?

As London 2012 looms ever closer, maybe we all want to strive to be a true Olympian?

However, if you are exercising 3 or 4 times a week, be it a 30 minutes plus Treadmill run, Cross Trainer workout, or Rowing Machine routine, yet appear to have peaked in respect of results, then why not try Interval Training?

“Interval Training?” you may well ask. Well, Interval Training is the new focus for many of the more enthusiastic trainers, looking really to push their workout to the next level.

Most people who work out have simple goals. Lose weight, feel fitter, look better etc etc. Yet they can often stick to their regular training regime without continual gain. This very much gives an impression that they have ‘peaked’ in respect of results.

Of course, this may well be to do with lifestyle and eating habits during the many regular hours you are not working out (!), but if we can assume a healthy and appropriate diet is in place, then how can this status quo be improved?

Of course, regular training will always be good for the heart, but you can add some additional fat burn and strength benefits by adopting an interval training approach

Interval training is where you perform high intensity burst of exercise, followed by longer periods or rest or and recovery. Of course the rest and recovery can take the form of simply reduced speed; however this allows the recovery from the intense periods which simply cannot be maintained.

This method of training can be more effective at inducing fat loss than simply training at a moderate intensity level for the same duration. This is due to the metabolism boosting effects of high intensity intervals.

Why not try it and see how you get on?


Compact Elliptical Trainers

If you’ve been considering buying an elliptical cross trainer for your home or any other fitness machine for that matter, then you may have realised that they are not the smallest piece of equipment. For the majority of us are homes don’t have limitless space, so finding room for a bulky piece of machinery normally meant sacrificing permanent floor space or even giving up on owning fitness equipment in the first place.

In realization of the growing trend of people wanting to work out in the comfort, convenience and privacy of their own homes, Orbus Leisure have decided to provide some home friendly exercise equipment in the form of compact and folding exercisers, with foldable treadmills becoming more and more popular with home users. More recently, fold away elliptical cross trainers have started to become more and more in demand as elliptical machines themselves are ahead of treadmills in terms of popularity amongst home users.  A foldable elliptical Cross Trainer has all the benefits of a fixed frame machine but for the home user working with limited space, it can be a godsend.

Whilst other types of fold up exercise machines are quite easy to find, folding elliptical machines are still few and far between and can be almost impossible to locate in main street sports and fitness retailer stores. This is where Orbus Leisure can really cater to your needs; we supply a varied range of compact home gym equipment ranging from budget prices to more of a high end model for the serious home fitness enthusiast.


Click here to see our range of home gym equipment or visit Orbus Leisure


The Importance Of Staying Hydrated Whilst Exercising

It’s common knowledge that you should drink plenty of water when you are exercising, but it’s like many things in our lives, the importance of this one small thing very often gets forgotten. It’s crucial that you stay hydrated while you are exercising, but it’s equally as important to make sure are well hydrated before you start exercising, and to keep hydrated after you’ve finished by continuing to drink . So many people don’t realise the importance of keeping hydrated before and after their workouts. A lack of water lead to dehydration, which can really affect your performance as well as cause other problems such a migraines and poor recovery.

To be able to function at its best your body needs to be well hydrated. Your body can still work perfectly well with low levels of dehydration, but you’re putting a lot of strain on your body which means that you will not be able to perform at your maximum potential. While everyone’s needs are completely different, it’s said that you should aim to drink around 1.5- 2 litres of water everyday in order to keep your body at maximum hydration. One way to check how hydrated you are is to check your urine. What colour is it? In an ideal world it should be very pale in colour. This means that your body has a god level of hydration, any darker and this is an indication that you should up your water intake.

Another aspect of hydration to think about is your electrolytes, this is particularly important when undertaking high intensity or endurance sports. Electrolytes are essential salts and minerals that your body needs to function, you can tell if you’re lacking these because you will be prone to muscle cramps and migraines. Sports drinks are a good way of getting these essential electrolytes as well sugars to help you go on for longer. It’s always important to check the ingredients on these types of drinks, because many of the use artificial sweeteners to replace sugar in order to keep the calorie content down. This defeats the purpose as more often than none when you reach for a bottle of energy drink you are doing so for an instant energy boost, which can only be gained through some form of sugar.

I’m not saying that it is necessary to consume this type of drink before you exercise, however there’s nothing wrong with having one at hand throughout the course of your workout, and remembering to consume a drink that contains electrolytes after your workout. However you choose to do it, it’s vital that you stay hydrated.


Click here to visit our amazing range of fitness equipment.




Low Impact Exercise Machines

Elliptical cross trainers reduce the stress and strain on your legs through an elliptical motion. Your feet never leave the pedals. It’s like walking in midair. In addition, there is no reverse action. the shape of the elliptical movement mimics the natural path of the ankle, knee and hip joints during walking, jogging, or running. In comparison, when you walk or run, every step causes a jolt to your body. It is suggested that runners impact up to 2.5 times their body weight. This affects not only the joint in your legs, but also your lower back.

Dual Action Workout

What makes an elliptical trainer unique is the combined upper and lower body workout. In fact, there is no other fitness equipment that simultaneously works as many muscle groups. This is why many refer to an elliptical cross-trainer.

With an elliptical cross trainer, you get a workout that utilizes the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, triceps and biceps. The obvious benefit from exercising more muscle is that you tone more of your body. Furthermore you optimize your energy expenditure. You end up burning more calories and fat in less time. It is also suggested that there is a reduced perceived rate of exertion with an elliptical workout. You are actually exercising harder than your would normally perceive.

To get the full benefit of the dual workout action, it’s important that you distribute the resistance between your upper and lower body. May people who exercise on elliptical cross trainers place most of the resistance on their lower body and only go through the motions with the upper handlebars.


Like a treadmill, elliptical trainers are equipped with a variety of challenging exercise programmes. The programmes mimic hill climbing or interval training though through alternating resistance. Many elliptical are also equipped with heart rate monitors, which allow you to optimize your workout by letting your heart rate control the resistance level.


Paralysed – Claire Lomas Completes Marathon

Completing a marathon is a remarkable challenge for anyone! But to do it paralysed from the waist down – like Claire Lomas is truly remarkable.

Claire became paralysed after a horse riding accident, but she wouldn’t let this stand in her way. The 32-year-old, who has a spinal injury, crossed the finish line at 12.50 on Tuesday after 16 days. Thanks t a pair or robotic legs which have allowed her to walk again.

“It’s a moment I am going to treasure for the rest of my life” She told the BBC.

Claire’s efforts have raised over 83,000 for spinal research, a charity which funds medical research to develop treatments for paralysis.

While the majority of people that participate in the marathon finish within a few hours. Claire knew that it would take her weeks, as she could only complete a mile a day. Although her speed increased as the days passed, she stayed in a hotel at night and travels by car to the point she left off the evening before. Before the final leg of her 26 mile route, friends and family supporters gathered outside St Stephens Tavern in Westminster to cheer her on. Claire assumed that this was just a busy day in London, but in fact people were there just to support Claire. Because the amazing level of support Claire said that the last half mile was pretty easy to walk.

Claire said that the marathon had been very difficult, both physically and mentally, but the support of the people kept her going. Unfortunately because of the rule changes this year Claire was unable to qualify for a medal. However, Olympic rowing champion Sir Matthew Pinset launched a Twitter campaign to get her one, 15 participants donated their medals in recognition of her achievements. Claire has raised enough money to fund a three year research project into the treatment for paralysis.

The riding accident left her paralysed from the chest down, but her sporting background gave her determination she needed to get back on her feet again. For the past 3 months Claire has trained intensively for the marathon using a robotic walking suit with a system of motion sensors which allow her to detect and control movement. When she shifts balance, the suit triggers her joints to move forward enabling her to take a step.

This story is so remarkable, and I hope it motivates others to get out there and get walking and running to keep active, once they have seen what a paralysed woman can achieve. It’s important to make the most of life and to keep as healthy and fit as possible, because no one knows what is around the corner.

Orbus leisure has a range of cross trainers, vibration plates, treadmills, and exercise bikes suitable for beginner’s right through to experts. Check out the range of home gym equipment on offer and change your life for the better!



Finding Time To Exercise

For many people, computer-based jobs that have taken the physical element out of work also take up so much time, and exercise is the last thing they feel like doing when they get home. The key to finding time to exercise is to realise two things:

It doesn’t have to take very long – perhaps half an hour a day, perhaps in ten -minute bursts if necessary.It can be built into your day – to – day life – it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to find additional time.


If you’re in employment

Despite the advances in technology, a lot of us spend more time at work. But don’t worry there are ways in which you can become more active:

– Go for a walk during your lunch break. Workouts three different routes and vary them throughout the week. It might even be possible to find an indoor walking route where you can incorporate stair climbing, for those inevitable bad weather days.

-Talk to your employers about promoting health at work. Ask them to provide showers and cycle racks to encourage people to bike to work. If you work for a bigger company why not ask the company to make room for a in house gym where you can have access to the latest fitness equipment such as exercise bikes, vibration plates and elliptical cross trainers and treadmills.

-walk to and from work. If you live too far away, you could park further from the office or get off the bus or train one stop earlier – a ten minute walk could help you as long as its intense enough to get you out of breath.


If you look after children

Having children can drastically change everything about your lifestyle. Some parents find that their activity levels drop and their weight increases, making going to the gym or playing sport become more difficult. Here are some positive steps you can take:

-Exercise with your child, take them to the park or play with them in the garden, this is sending a positive message to them.

-Find out which of your local sports and leisure centres have crèche facilities, you can work out while you child is being looked after.

– Walk your child to school. Not only will this help you to be active, it can also help your child to develop an early pattern of physical activity that might stay with them into adulthood.

-Find out if there are activities available at your Childs school open to the local community. Many schools use their facilities for sports and exercise classes on evenings and at weekend.


If you’re based at home

-Plan your week so you have to walk to the shops regularly. By going on several occasions you’ll only have to carry a few light bags of shopping back.

-Look at ways in which you can be more active in and around your home. Use the stairs to exercise, work in the garden or- if you have the space and can afford it- install some gym equipment, such as  treadmills, exercise bikes, vibration plates or elliptical cross trainers.

-Look for community based activity programmes in your local area. These don’t have to be fitness classes, just anything that gets you moving.

The early bird

If your day doesn’t really allow you to incorporate exercise, one option is to get up earlier. if you normally set your alarm for 7.30 then set it for 7 instead, use that half an hour to go for a brisk walk or run. Exercising first thing on a morning can leave you feeling invigorated for the rest of the day.


if you’re not an early bird think about how you can use your time on an evening, think about how you can use your time more productively, instead of watching TV, invest in a piece of home gym equipment. Try to experiment to find a time that suits you the best.


Elliptical Cross Trainer Facts

Elliptical trainers are a form of aerobic fitness machines that require you to use you whole body, the point is to push your feet in an elliptical pattern in order to complete the exercise. While you’re moving you the point is to hold onto the attached ski poles and to pump your arms back and forth for a complete upper body workout. Here at Orbus Leisure we have a wide range of carefully handpicked elliptical cross trainers, whatever your needs are (from beginner to advanced) there is a machine to suit everyone!


The number of elliptical trainer’s users increased from 65 percent from 2002 to 2003, according to Consumer reports. In 2003, an estimated 3.3 million people in the United States worked out regularly on an elliptical cross trainer.

Calories Burned

You can burn a large number of calories using an elliptical cross  trainer. You could potentially burn an average of 8 to 9 calories per minute when using a cross trainer. This level of calorie expenditure is similar to what you would lose on high-intensity exercise machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes and doing aerobics. During a 30-minute session on an elliptical machine you can burn upto 270 calories, the calorie burn levels vary depending on your speed and intensity level.


Features of elliptical trainers include electronic programming, safety features and heart rate monitoring. The electronic programming tracks distance, calories burned, speed, time, and resistance level during workouts.


The types of poles used on the machine have a major effect on the effectiveness of the elliptical trainer. The poles should be easy to reach without requiring you to reach that far forward; leaning forward can put unwanted stress on your back. When you’re riding the cross trainer, your shoulders should be back and your chin should be up, with your abs contracted. Your stride should be controlled and steady with a normal range of motion.


Resistance Training For Beginners

The point behind resistance training increases muscle strength by pitting muscles against a weight, such as a dumbbell, or other types of resistance for example, a cross trainer, resistance training can increase muscle strength and bone density and reduce body fat. A well rounded programme of physical activity includes strength training a, to improve bone and joint function, bone density, muscle, tendon and ligament strength, as well mass aerobic exercise, to improve your heart and lung fitness.

It’s advised that you do things to strengthen your muscles at least 2 days a week. These activities should work all the major muscle groups in your body (legs, hips, back, chest, abdomen, shoulders and arms.

It always important to talk to your doctor before you begin any new exercise programmes, especially if your over weight, over the age of 40, or if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, or if you haven’t exercised in a long time.

Benefits of resistance training

Regular resistance training offer many benefits. You can:

  • Develop string bones-strength training increases bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  • Starting resistance training
  • Build muscle – to protect your joints from injury. It also helps you to maintain flexibility and balance and helps you remain independent as you age.
  • Control your weight- as you gain muscle, your body burns calories more efficiently.
  • Boost your stamina – as you grow stronger, you won’t tire as easily.
  • Get a better night’s sleep- people who take part in strength training programmes are less likely to have insomnia.
  • Improve you sense of well being- strength training can boost your self confidence, improve your body image and reduce the risk of depression.
  • Manage chronic conditions- Using fitness equipment can reduce the signs and symptoms of many chronic conditions including arthritis, depression, back pain, diabetes, and obesity.

It’s important to pay attention to safety and good form to reduce the risk of injury. A registered fitness professional can help you to develop a safe effective program.

To start, a typical beginner’s strength training programme involves:

  • Performing eight to ten exercises that work major muscle groups of the body and are performed upto to three times every week.
  • Starting with one set or each exercise, comprising as few as five repetitions (reps) no more than twice a week.

Your aim is to gradually increase to one set for each exercise – comprising eight to twelve reps, every second or third day. Once you comfortably do 12 reps of an exercise you could look at progressing further.


How To Get The Best From Your Cross Trainer

The elliptical cross trainer is a hybrid of a treadmill and an exercise bike, and was first introduced to the world of fitness in the nineties. The unique thin about the elliptical cross trainer is that a non-impact standing circular movement. This machine is designed for an athlete who is unable to run any more due to not being able to handle the impact that the body is places under when running.

Believe it or not the cross trainer can provide the same results that a treadmill does with regards to the intensity that it places on the legs, hearts and lungs – If used in the right way.

There are two main positions that you can carry out when exercising on this machine, whichever way you chose, her is how you can get the most from your cross trainer workout.

The Bounce

This is the most common of the positions. Make sure you’re standing still, you can place your hand on or off the moving handles and during each upward revolution of the foot the heel lifts and the body follows, this shifts your body weight from one leg to the other. This exercise is great if you’re aiming to meet your cardio quota for the week.

The Hover

This position consists of holding a semi squat, bending your knees, at the same time making sure your feet are flat, and hands lightly touching the static handles to keep your balance. This creates a faster resolution on the legs giving you a much more intense workout than the bounce workout.

The Programme – 15 minute workout

1. Select “Quick Start” on your cross trainer

2. Select a challenging level while you maintain your revolutions per minute at about 70-80 minimum.

3. Begin by bouncing for the first minute at 70rpm.

4. Then hover 80-90 rpm one minute one, and then bounce for 2 minutes, continue this process for 12 minutes. As you gradually improve, maintain the rpm, but increase the level.

5. For the warm down bounce for two minutes at 60rpm for the warm down.


Can Using An Exercise Bike Make You Smarter?

When you think of exercise, the first things that probably spring to mind are different ways to tone your body and ways in which you can slim down to lose excess weight. Exercise can even boost your energy levels and can even make you feel physically happier! But make you smarter?? As your reading this I can hear you letting out a great big “WHAT?” Well…Researchers say that any form of bike riding (whether mobile or stationary) can do the trick!


Researchers from Germany claim that people who do regular exercises on a exercise bike, and people who do stretching exercises (often on a cross trainer or vibration plate) proved to be better at memory and thinking tasks than those who didn’t do these forms of exercise. And! Your memory can be even better if you’re regularly using a combination of exercise bikes and stretching routines on machines like vibration plates and cross trainers! Scientists claim that your memory will benefit from as little as two hours of exercise per week.

The brain experts say that as you get older the part of our brain called the hippocampus actually shrinks and frequent exercise and use of your body, can help to slowdown this process!

Sometime we don’t realise how much parts of our bodies can benefit from these simple forms of exercise! It kind of makes you want to get on your exercise bike and pedal away, huh?


Cross Trainer Benefits

Cross trainers, along with treadmills and exercise bikes are one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment that people purchase for weight loss and improved fitness. Here are a few reasons why so many people buy cross trainers for their home, so you can assess whether a cross trainers is the right piece of fitness equipment for you and your family.

To do that, it will help if you consider the benefits of a cross trainer;

Weight loss and improved fitness

Cross trainers have helped many people to achieve their weight loss goal, and a cross trainer may be able to help you too! Using a cross trainer might can help you to burn those excess calories and can help to improve your strength, the overall health of your heart and your lungs. Exercising on a cross trainer helps raise your heart rate and focuses on certain zones that are most appropriate for weight loss and fitness.

A Cross Trainer can be used at any time

One of the greatest benefits of owning a cross trainer is that you can exercise whenever you want, night or day, hot or cold, or in rain or sun! In these modern times many of us lead hectic lifestyles and find it hard to fit in a regular exercise routine. So the ability to exercise whenever we want for as long as we want is ideal! Having a cross trainer at home can be cheaper than joining a gym and you don’t have to worry about opening or closing times, and you don’t have to worry about sharing the machines with other people.

Cross trainers can help prevent us from training too hard

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they first start to exercise is that they train too hard. Training too hard at the beginning of your exercise program can lead to injuries, this may contribute to you quitting exercise because you may feel like it’s too hard and not worth all of the effort you’re putting in.

Cross trainers can help you to avoid this common mistake by giving you the ability to regulate the speed at which you exercise at. Some cross trainers are sophisticated enough to monitor your heart rate whilst you’re exercising, and the best way to work out is to ensure you’re always training in the right heart rate zone.

Cross Trainers exercise the lower and upper body

Cross trainers exercise both the lower and upper body by providing resistance to the muscles of the legs, chest, arms and shoulders. Becuase our legs and arms are moving in a criss-cross fashion, cross trainers can also work our midsection as well.

Cross trainers provide an overall toning workout, as well as providing us with an aerobic exercise many of us need to burn maximum calories and body fat.

These are just a few reasons why people invest in cross trainers, there are so many more advantages!! Visit for more information and good luck with your weight loss!