Fit and Tanned? Wow!

We have been listening to our customers. They are telling us that the love getting fitter, leaner, faster and slimmer, but still worry about confidence showing off the new improved selves!


Well, with this mind, Orbus Leisure have joined forces with the UK’s leading tanning solution brand,  Creative Tan, to produce a Spray Tan Kit which will get you beach ready within 10 miutes. Yes, within 10 minutes you can get that beach ready look, whether you are planning for a distant trip or an important night out, your fitness regime has paid dividends and now the icing on the cake is that fantastic natural looking tan. Please check out the tanning section of the site for full details.


So why don’t you try one of these great new sunless tanning kits and combine it with a Creative Tan solution to match you needs. Your home fitness workout routine doesn’t need to end with you just feeling great; you can be looking great as well!

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