Exercises for a Flat Stomach

Ask people what their weight loss and exercise goals are and the majority will say that a flat, toned stomach is top of the list. Yet achieving this is incredibly difficult and requires determination and effort on your part.

Cardiovascular exercises are a key way to achieving a flat, well-toned tummy. Don’t fall in to the sit-up trap. Sure, sit-ups do help to tone up those abs but doing hundreds every day will really achieve minimal results (for maximum pain).  Plus, working on one single part of the body alone is not desirable. A whole body workout routine is far more effective.

If your tummy area has no definition and is a little flabbier than you would like it to be have a good think about your diet. Fatty foods and fizzy drinks are your waistline’s number one enemy and will lead to bloating, weight gain and bad posture.  Once you have your diet under control you need to turn your attention to exercise.  The best way to get your abs in shape is by performing cardio exercises throughout the week. This can include running/jogging, a session on the cross trainer, yoga or dancing. Mixing up the activities helps to keep your motivation high and your body is less likely to become resistant to the activity.

When honing in on your abs you need to make sure you activate the muscles frequently.  After your cardio exercise routine you need to try some crunch based exercises; these are really effective as they work out every muscle in this area. Lie on the floor and slowly lift your shoulders.  Keep your spine straight and long and move slowly until you are sitting upright. Pause and squeeze your ab muscles slightly when upright, then lower yourself slowly back down to the floor. Repeat this 20 times and always after your normal cardio workout.


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