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A great alternative to Flabelos?

If you have been using a (WBV) whole body vibration plate at one of the major national gym chains in the UK, then the chances are that this has been either a Power Plate or a Flabelos branded unit. Power Plate are the biggest name in Tri Planer motion and likewise with Flabelos, who are the leading brand in the pivotal or oscillating market.

So, now you are looking to purchase your own unit for home use? Well, we suspect you may have been somewhat shocked by the price tags associated with these top end units. Both manufactures provide substantial products, but the costs can simply be prohibitive for most consumers.

If you are in this situation, and are looking for a pivotal (or oscillating) unit, then there is some great news just for you!

BH Fitness has recently introduced into the UK their BH Fitness VIB Pro Vibration Plate, which is exclusive to Orbus Leisure. It has a large platform, a stunning display and a fantastic ‘memory stick’ programming feature which is not only unique, but simple to use giving massive flexibility. This really pushed the VIB pro into the class leading bracket and what’s more, it come in at fraction of the price of the other leading units.

Shape Up with the BH Fitness Virbation Plate from Orbus Leisure

Before you look to make your purchase why don’t you check this exciting new product out…. you just might find the gym quality vibration plate is actually well within you grasp at a price you really can afford


Shape-Up in your Lunch Break with a Vibration Plate Workout

“I don’t have enough time to exercise”. This has long been an excuse for thousands of people who claim they would like to lose weight and shape up but simply can’t fit exercising into their daily routines.

Well, thanks to the Vibration Plate this excuse really could be a thing of the past because with workouts lasting between 10 and 20 minutes you can even incorporate your exercise routine into your lunch break.

Consider the BH Fitness Vibration Plate to Boost Your Workout

Vibration plates work by forcing your muscles to rapidly contract and expand in a way not possible with normal, traditional exercises. This rapid flexing means you only need a short workout to achieve great results. If you perform three of four workout sessions a week on a vibration plate the results will be impressive, with weight loss, a reduction in body fat, a reduction in cellulite and an increase in bone density all possible.

Until recently, Vibration Plates and Power Plates were reserved for those who could afford a gym membership. However, there are now some top quality Vibration Plates for sale at an affordable price that mean you can achieve results in the comfort of your own home.


Use Distraction Techniques to give your Workout a Boost

Like many others do you like the idea of a regular exercise routine (and the great benefits it will bring), but loathe the idea of monotonous sessions on your preferred fitness equipment? Boredom is one of the main reasons people lose motivation and ultimately all interest in exercise, so if you want to stay on track you need to find ways of distracting yourself.

A television is a great provider of visual distraction and no, we don’t mean distracting you AWAY from your workout! But you would be amazed how a 30 minute workout flies by when you are watching your favourite TV show at the same time. Giving your brain something to think about, other than the exercise routine you are performing, really is a great trick and it can really help you to develop a regular routine. For example, if you are a soap opera fan why not plan to work out each night of the week that your favourite show is on.

Music is another great distraction and most of us will, at some point in time, have performed an exercise routine to music. Crank up your CD player or purchase a piece of fitness equipment that has an ipod or MP3 dock and get moving. Pick tracks with regular beats and you will find that you can really get into a strong, rhythmic motion that will aid your workout. The Orbus Leisure MP3000 Vibration Plate has a great built in feature which incorporates a built in MP3 player and speakers meaning you can listen to music or even audio books whilst exercising.

The MP3000 Vibration Plate with built in MP3 player and dual speakers

To keep your motivation high use all the tricks that work for you. You may just turn a boring thirty minute routine into something a little more fun!


Vibration Training Reduces Health Risk

Can Vibration Exercise Equipment reduce health risks as we get older?

Well, simply the answer appears to be “yes”. Doctors have revealed how regular Vibration Training  sessions could save many older people from broken bones and hip transplants.

As you get older, your bone density reduces meaning you become more susceptible to fractures and breaks. In fact, Osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease, affects three million people in the UK and there are approximately 230,000 osteoporosis related fractures every single year, with 70,000 being in the hip area.

This costs the National Health Service £2billion a year and is a leading cause of disability in the elderly.

Research has shown that regular Whole Body Vibration (WBV) sessions could actually increase bone density, reversing this trend. A recent study, published in the specialist journal Bone, by a team of doctors from the Medical College of Georgia in the United States, says that WBV could help over 50’s to resist bone density loss as they grow older.

Their trial found that bone density around the hip joint and in the leg bones consistently improved.


What is the most effective way to boost metabolism and lose weight?

To get a really effective workout you really need to boost your metabolic rate significantly. But how is this achieved? The best way to burn weight is through resistance training. An effective weight / resistance training session will allow your body to continue burning calories post workout for much longer than a typical cardio workout. Studies suggest that your metabolic rate can be boosted for us to 48 hours after a really intensive resistance workout session.

If you want to improve your resting metabolic rate (your metabolism whilst resting) then you again need to look to resistance training, as it can raise levels by as much as 15%.

If you are serious about losing weight and getting your body into shape you need to combine a healthy diet with resistance exercise. Dieting alone will reduce muscle mass, and this has a negative effect on metabolism. This is why a diet without exercise makes it harder to lose weight effectively.

You don’t need to attend a gym to carry our resistance training. Grab yourself some dumbbells and do simple, repetitive arm exercises or if finances allow grab yourself a cross trainer or rowing machine for your home gym.