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What is spinning?


You may understand what a spin bike is, and have seen rows of bikes lines up at the gym, but what actually happens in a spin class?

Well, for the uninitiated, spin bikes are simply indoor cycles, that closely resemble standard road bikes. The words ‘spin’ bike, or ‘spinning’ bike are registered trademarks, so are not descriptions sellers of indoor bikes can use without permission. That isn’t to say that indoor cycles, not described as ‘spin’, which are widely available, are of less quality, or provide less of a workout.

You standard ‘spin’ class will involve a motivational gathering, led by an instructor. They will lead the class through an imaginary ride, telling the class when to rise from the saddle as they approach a theoretical ‘hill’, when to accelerate and when to slow. Of course, the coach will work the class through a warm up and cool down period as well, but the main benefits people fond are that it can be greatly motivational to be pushed to your limits by the class leader, and some element of competitiveness can shine through, pushing motivation higher.

Of course, the class member will ultimately decide what level of ‘torcher’ (enjoyment) they will reach, as they will determine their effort and resistance levels, although the leader will encourage the class the move up and down through resistance levels during the workout.

The classes normally last between 30 and 60 minutes and are brilliant for those wanting a push, or as a good replacement for road work during the bleaker months!

Those who are looking for a more solitary experience can of course replicate this type of workout at home, with your own exercise bike. You would just need to bring your own motivation and imagination to make the experience as enjoyable and varied as possible.


Paralysed – Claire Lomas Completes Marathon

Completing a marathon is a remarkable challenge for anyone! But to do it paralysed from the waist down – like Claire Lomas is truly remarkable.

Claire became paralysed after a horse riding accident, but she wouldn’t let this stand in her way. The 32-year-old, who has a spinal injury, crossed the finish line at 12.50 on Tuesday after 16 days. Thanks t a pair or robotic legs which have allowed her to walk again.

“It’s a moment I am going to treasure for the rest of my life” She told the BBC.

Claire’s efforts have raised over 83,000 for spinal research, a charity which funds medical research to develop treatments for paralysis.

While the majority of people that participate in the marathon finish within a few hours. Claire knew that it would take her weeks, as she could only complete a mile a day. Although her speed increased as the days passed, she stayed in a hotel at night and travels by car to the point she left off the evening before. Before the final leg of her 26 mile route, friends and family supporters gathered outside St Stephens Tavern in Westminster to cheer her on. Claire assumed that this was just a busy day in London, but in fact people were there just to support Claire. Because the amazing level of support Claire said that the last half mile was pretty easy to walk.

Claire said that the marathon had been very difficult, both physically and mentally, but the support of the people kept her going. Unfortunately because of the rule changes this year Claire was unable to qualify for a medal. However, Olympic rowing champion Sir Matthew Pinset launched a Twitter campaign to get her one, 15 participants donated their medals in recognition of her achievements. Claire has raised enough money to fund a three year research project into the treatment for paralysis.

The riding accident left her paralysed from the chest down, but her sporting background gave her determination she needed to get back on her feet again. For the past 3 months Claire has trained intensively for the marathon using a robotic walking suit with a system of motion sensors which allow her to detect and control movement. When she shifts balance, the suit triggers her joints to move forward enabling her to take a step.

This story is so remarkable, and I hope it motivates others to get out there and get walking and running to keep active, once they have seen what a paralysed woman can achieve. It’s important to make the most of life and to keep as healthy and fit as possible, because no one knows what is around the corner.

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Springtime – The Best Time of Year to Get Active!

The months of being able to hide those lumps and bumps that we hate under those warm knits are finally behind us, while this can bring a sigh of relief to some people, it will most likely to bring horror to those who have been hibernating in their homes since November.

Statistics prove that a lot of us are overweight and unfit, and that many of us would like to change the way we look and feel in one way or another. Spring is here and it’s time to stop making the excuses and to face up to the truth. Don’t worry you don’t have to join a gym and take hours out of your busy schedule, when the answer could be right on your door step:  Home Gym Equipment!

If you’re considering purchasing a new piece of fitness equipment, whether it’s the only piece you want or another addition to the established home gym, then you’ll realise that the quality equipment will come with a heavy price tag. Be it a Treadmill, an Elliptical Cross Trainer or a new Vibration plate, this can be a huge investment for majority of us. But have you considered what time of year you should be buying your equipment?

After the Christmas period the New Year’s resolutions start to kick in and more people want to get fit and will be tempted to purchase fitness equipment. So this means that there’s a heavier demand in winter, so spring and summer will see a slowdown in sales, and it is in these months where you can find the best deals and lowest offers. You can really save money compared to the winter time prices, and you can see a great example of this on an Orbus Leisure Web site, where the summer sale prices are at their lowest ever levels.



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The Benefits of Heart Rate Monitoring on an Exercise Bike

Most of the modern exercise bikes come with heart rate monitors which allow you to keep track of how intense your workout is. The reason exercise bikes monitor your heart rate is because the harder you exercise, the faster your heart will beat, and that’s why it gives such a good indication of how hard you’re working.

Athletes use heart rate monitors and people who want to get the most out of their exercise should use them too because ultimately it is a guide to your progress.

A heart rate monitor is important because:

♥ Your heart rate is a reliable indication of the intensity of your exercise

♥ If you know the intensity you can vary it depending on your personal level of fitness and your own personal fitness goals.

♥ It will show you if you’re improving towards your goals

♥ You can monitor and measure your progress which will increase your motivation.


What happens to the heart when you exercise?

When muscles are used during exercise, they are replenished with oxygen, nutrients,etc. They also produce waste products that need to be taken away from the cells. Blood is the transport system for all of these things, so the harder your muscles are worked, the quicker they burn nutrients and produce waste, this means that the blood must flow faster to provide all of this, and the only way for blood to flow faster is for your heart rate to beat faster.



Choosing the Right Fitness Equipment

Orbus Leisure have a great range of home fitness equipment, but if you are unsure about which piece of aerobic apparatus is right for you read out quick guide:

Elliptical Cross Trainers

These are low impact machines which are suitable for all abilities. They place less stress and strain on your joints and workout the whole body, improving cardio vascular fitness and stamina over time. An elliptical cross trainer allows you to burn muscle and shed weight faster than other pieces of gym equipment. For this reason they are incredibly popular.

Exercise Bikes

Cycling is a great cardio exercise and if you want to tone your lower body then an exercise bike is ideal. There are two main types of exercise bike; upright and recumbent. An upright closely resembles a traditional bicycle whereas a recumbent has the pedals positioned in front of the user.  Like a cross trainer, an exercise bike offers a low impact workout.

Treadmills (Running Machines)

A treadmill has long been one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment, both for home use and in a commercial gym setting. The user can use the treadmill to walk, jog, run and sprint so you can train whatever the weather. If space is tight opt for a folding treadmill.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines offer a challenging yet rewarding workout. The user will exercise the legs, torso, abs, arms and back and over time will improve suppleness and posture. Because the motion is rhythmical and flowing the exercise is low impact, reducing stress on your joints.

We hope this brief overview helps you to decide which piece of gym equipment is right for you. However, if you are still unsure just give us a call – we are the experts in home fitness and our friendly advisors will be able to help you choose the product that is right for you.