Exercise and Linear Progression

Do you find that you quickly become bored with a certain exercise routine? Do you find yourself switching from one piece of fitness equipment to another in a bid to stave off the boredom? Whist variety is important when it comes to exercise you should also be aware that if you don’t stick to a particular programme of training long enough you will not see results.

Inexperienced exercisers will often fall into this trap and because the results slow they become even more inpatient with the routine they are currently performing, meaning they switch to something else. People also love to jump on the latest trends, but the trouble is there is a new exercise craze out almost every week!

Any changes to your workout routine should be gradual, logical and incremental. You should build on the achievements of your previous workout programme so as to gain real progression. This progression is also known as linear progression.

As a rule, try and stick to your existing workout programme for between 6-8 weeks before introducing any big changes. This includes moving from one piece of home gym equipment to another. This time frame is short enough to achieve results without you hitting a plateau. Throughout these 6-8 weeks, rather than alter your workout you should try and step up the intensity so you challenge your body more as the weeks progress.

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