Exercise – Are you doing enough?

Exercise is vital to your overall health and wellbeing but do you know if you are doing enough? It is a fact that many people simply don’t do enough exercise each week. Here is a guide to how much exercise you should be doing according to the NHS*:

Aged 18 and under

Young people should endeavour to undertake around one hour of aerobic activity each day. This can be any form of aerobic activity, including running, swimming, aerobics/zumba etc. Try and vary the pace so the intensity varies between moderate and intense. Muscle strengthening activities are also important, so why not try gymnastics, push-ups, sit ups etc. Fitness equipment including rowing machines and treadmills are really great at delivering both cardio and muscle building exercise routines.

Age 19-64 years old

You should lead an active life each and every day and you should try to carry out a variety of exercises for at least 2 and a half hours each day. This exercise should be a combination of aerobic and muscle building activities. Try cycling, walking, fast walking and swimming and on 2 or more days a week perform exercises such as sit-ups, squats, press-ups etc.

Age 65 years plus

To maintain health in later life, mature adults should continue to perform around 150 minutes of varied exercise each day. This is of course dependent upon physical mobility. Tennis and swimming are both activities that people can enjoy into later life and a brisk walk each day will aid your cardio vascular health.

We all want to live the healthiest life possible, and this can be achieved through a combination of healthy eating, exercise, only a moderate alcohol intake and no cigarettes. Effort is required, but you will surely reap the benefits as you progress through life.

*Source: www.nhs.uk


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