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When the sun shines, should we be thinking about winter?

If you are considering the purchase of a new piece of fitness equipment, be it the only piece you will want or another addition to an established home gym, then you will realise that quality equipment will come with a heavy price tag. Be it a Treadmill, an Elliptical Cross Trainer or a new Vibration Plate, this can be a major investment for most of us.

Now you may think there is little you can do about that. You can search and study, looking for the best deals and best specifications. Of course, this is very advisable, as the more information you have, the more informed your buying decision will be. However, have you ever considered what time of year you should be buying your equipment?

It may sound obvious, but during the year, as winter draws closer, most people will feel more confined to indoors, and less likely to indulge outdoor fitness activities. This will tempt them towards the purchase of equipment. Likewise, after Christmas, as the New Year’s resolutions kick in, more people want to get fit and will again look at possible purchase. This means a heavy increase in demand during the winter months. So the buying of fitness equipment is very seasons, and the summer will always see a slowdown in sales for the retailer.

So, for the smart, forward thinking buyer, the summer months are always the ones where the best deals and lowest offers will be around. You really can save compared to winter prices. You can see a great example of this on the Orbus Leisure web site, where summer sale prices are at their lowest ever levels.

So, the sun may (or may not!) be shining, but there has never been a better time to look forward to winter!


Natural Exercise Patterns

Elliptical trainers were developed by Larry D. Miller, who examined the idea for the equipment by filming his daughter jogging alongside his car, concentrating on her leg and arm motion. His theory was to use this motion and put it into a machine that would create the same exercise, with much less strain on the joints.

The elliptical cross trainers we see today are considered to be the ultimate cardio minimal-impact trainers. There are two common types elliptical trainer prevalent in the market today, categorized by the motor or “drive” position. The original design is the “rear drive” type. The more recent “front-drive” elliptical was the second generation design.

Cross trainers are mainly driven via leg motion, and most have handles connected to each pedal-link for the purpose of enabling an exercise burden to also be borne by the arms, which provide a secondary source of driving power. This allows the user to gain a ‘whole body’ workout to much greater effect than, for instance, a bike or walker.

Now, elliptical trainers are not for everyone, with some enthusiasts preferring the traditional nature of the treadmill, however the elliptical can provide a more rounded workout, so the growth in popularity has been huge. The ‘soft’ nature for the impact on legs and joints is another issue that draws people to these machines which overall can undoubtedly provide the most natural form of cardio exercise which can be enjoyed in the comfort and security of your own home.


Five Reasons to Buy a Cross Trainer

Do you want to get fit and lose some weight? You probably know that this will only be achieved through a balanced diet and plenty of regular exercise. But what type of exercise really works and is there a single piece of gym equipment out there that will shape your entire physique? The answer is “yes” and that single piece of home gym equipment is the cross trainer.

So, why exactly should you buy a cross trainer?

1. Quick and effective workout

A cross trainer allows you to perform a high quality, cardio workout in a relatively short space of time. The calorific burn rate is higher with a cross trainer than when compared to an exercise bike or a treadmill. And if you vary the routine, adding in various levels of resistance, the burn rate increases even further.

2. Low Impact

A cross trainer provides a low impact routine, which is good news for your joints and bones. Rather than pounding your feet on a treadmill belt a cross trainer requires that you keep your feet flat on the foot pedals. This low impact motion also means that the cross trainer is incredibly easy to use and is suitable for all abilities.

3. Great Cardio Workout

A cross trainer will deliver a cardio vascular workout. Fitness equipment that gets your heart rate pumping and can be controlled to slow down, speed up and add resistance are ideal if you want to boost your fitness levels and shed the pounds.

4. Get a core body workout

Because a cross trainer requires you to exercise both your arms and legs simultaneously your core body is also exercised. Great news if you want to firm up your abs, reduce your waistline and tighten your buttocks.

5. An all in one piece of fitness equipment

If you buy a cross trainer there is very little reason to buy any other piece of gym equipment. A cross trainer provides you with a whole body workout that, if used regularly in conjunction with a healthy diet, can transform your body and boost your health and fitness levels.


Orbus Leisure Launches Two New Cross Trainers in Pro Sport Range

Orbus Leisure has done it again… we have managed to secure two fantastic elliptical cross trainers, exclusively for the UK market and both with a price tag under £300!

The two new models, Infinity Pro and Atlantic Pro will join the expanding Pro Sport range and offer fantastic value for money. As you would expect from an elliptical cross trainer from Orbus Leisure, both models are supplied to the highest of standards and are both feature packed.

Have a look at some of the highlights included with both of these powerful machines:

  • 21 pre-programmed routines
  • 16 levels of resistance, boosting the power of your workout
  • Massive 10kg fly-wheel
  • Quiet motion
  • Oversized footplates

Now for the added extras…

The Infinity Pro will be a hit with those who like to exercise to music as it is supplied with a high quality MP3 / ipod connection point and boasts built in speakers for a little added volume.

The Infinity Pro Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Atlantic Pro features a wireless heart rate chest strap and receiver so you can monitor your workout and your progress as your fitness levels build. There is also a high quality induction touch computer which boasts super light fingertip controls.

The Atlantic Pro Elliptical Cross Trainer

Orbus Leisure have really taken the pain out of buying a high end, gym quality cross trainer. The only problem you will have is choosing between these two great models. Why not check them out today!


Top reasons to use a Cross Trainer

There are lots of different fitness options available, running machines, treadmills, rowing machines, resistance devices, but the cross-trainer is the most popular option for people who are seeking a full body workout.   A cross-trainer also provides convenience and can help you to keep your motivation levels high.

The elliptical cross trainer creates a movement very similar to skiing and really works your entire body simultaneously.  A cross-trainer challenges your body to work in a way that would not normally be possible.

A cross-trainer offers an outstanding cardiovascular workout.  Cardiovascular fitness is extremely important in order to live a long and healthy life.  Exercising in this way basically means exercising your heart, lungs and cardiovascular system.  Research suggests that aerobic exercise can greatly extend your life expectancy and ensure that you risk of associated cardiovascular diseases is significantly reduced.

Strength training is very important because it targets flabby areas of the body and also challenges your body to burn fuel fast.  Regardless of you individual fitness level, you should be able to gain very swift results from an elliptical cross-trainer if you are interested in firming up some problem areas.

It is very important to plan a solid routine and support your fitness efforts with a motivational structure.  For many people, this means drawing up a schedule.  Make sure that your cross-training fitness schedule includes regular intervals for rest and repair.  You should also incorporate a reward schedule so that you can be sure that you are aiming for the best possible results.  Finally, take the time to meet with a fully trained fitness instructor.  This will ensure that you are able to achieve the best possible use of your time on the machine.  Poor technique has been identified as the main cause of not getting strong results from gym equipment.  A fitness trainer can help you to gain maximum impact from your machine.


How a Cross Trainer Gets Results

You might be considering using fitness equipment to lose weight, in which case, you may be wondering how a cross-trainer gets results.  The main reason that people use cross-trainers is to achieve a full-body workout, for convenience, to stay motivated and to target specific regions of the body.

Full-body Workout

Full body workouts burn a great deal of energy and work all of the major muscle groups, so are a very efficient way to exercise.  When you use a cross-trainer you are using your arms and your legs, fully engaging the lower and upper body.  The cross-trainer challenges your muscles and exerts resistant pressure, forcing you to work very hard to create motion and move your body.  Some machines do not truly work the upper body, so make sure that you carefully research this and ask questions about it during the sales process.

Convenience and Motivation

If you have a home gym cross trainer, it can be very easy to exercise.  You don’t need to go out in bad weather and you don’t need to travel to and from the gym.  Provided you can stay motivated, having exercise equipment at home can be a really good way to ensure that you stay on-track with your fitness programme.  Many people are able to achieve exceptional results with a cross-trainer.  Using a chart can be a good idea, so that you have a regime to follow.  Rewarding yourself can keep motivation levels high.  If you have invested in a high quality cross-trainer, the funds that you have spent in this area will be a powerful incentive, because no one likes wasting money.

Targeting Problem Areas

If you want to firm your thighs, tummy and butt, a cross-trainer is perfect because it really zooms in on these places and provides an intensive and targeted work out.  Similarly, if you want to increase upper body strength and bulk up here, a cross-trainer is a good starting point.


Buying the Best Cross Trainer for Your Budget

Finding the best cross trainer can prove to be a very confusing and frustrating process once you start considering all of the different features and the many different brands and models available on the market.  There are ways to make the process much easier.  Rather than trying to find the best cross trainer on the market you should determine what would make the best cross trainer for you and then find which one matches your needs and desires for your machine.

To start, determine what your machine will be used for.  It is obvious it will be used for exercise, but will it be primarily for weight loss or will it be used to train you for an athletic event?  Is it going to be your main source of exercise and thus used frequently or will it supplement another form of exercise?  Knowing how the machine will be used and clearly determining the use currently and throughout the lifetime of the machine will help one narrow down the choices available.  For someone expecting to use the cross trainer as a primary source of exercise a more pro level machine would be desired for the best results for it could hold up to frequent use.  If the machine will be seeing infrequent usage such as supplementing a runner’s usual routine during times when the weather is unusually difficult then a different product could fill the need than in the previous case.

Not only should you consider how you will it, but you should consider the possibility of someone else in your household being interested in starting or supplementing a fitness routine with the cross trainer.  In this case the best cross trainer would be one that fits the body weight, use level, and purpose of everyone involved with it.  This is actually not a difficult need to meet for there are many cross trainers on the market geared for multiple users.

The best cross trainer for you will also be one that fits into your budget.  It is here that one can become frustrated because you can often want one thing but afford another.  Luckily there are many different price ranges for cross trainers.  The cost of the cross trainers usually varies according to extra features that can be found with the model.  Here is where you need to be realistic.  In choosing the best cross trainer for your needs it might mean giving up one feature for another or bypassing one to keep you in your budget.  Keep it as a consideration and be prepared to compromise.  However what used to be considered premium features just a few years ago are now basic features on almost all models now.  So you may be pleasantly surprised to find that what you want is available on the model that fits your usage needs and budget.

Make a list before you start looking around for your new cross trainer.  By starting out with a detailed wish list for your best cross trainer you can then start comparing with those on the market in your price range and narrow down to find the best cross trainer for you and your fitness needs.


The Benefits of Cross Training

When it comes to the cross trainer exercise machine, there are numerous benefits over other types of fitness exercise machines. The cross trainer gives an overall body workout. In comparison it is a workout that can only be derived from using a combination of several different machines if you don’t use a cross trainer. In addition to being a fun machine to work out on, cross trainer benefits include shaping and toning your body.

The cross trainer exercise machine is an excellent machine if you’re looking for a piece of gym equipment to place in your home. The machine is slender in profile so it has the flexibility of fitting in a variety of different rooms. Since the cross trainer exercise machine provides a full body workout, it can take the place of several machines that you might be considering placing in your home. The beauty of having a cross trainer in your home is that you can work out on your schedule. You will never have to wait for another treadmill or bicycle at the local health spa again. There is also the benefit of not having to waste time driving to and from the gym. So, having this piece of equipment in your home is just another one of the cross trainer benefits.

The cross trainer can be used by a person of any level of athletic ability. Whether you have participated in organized sports or not, the cross trainer is definitely for you. It requires no special coordination or movements which could be viewed as being difficult. At first glance, the look of a cross trainer could be intimidating to many people. But once you jump on and give it a try, you’ll see after a very short time that it becomes effortless. When it comes to a lot of other exercise equipment, this machine can be used by people of all levels adding to the long list of cross trainer benefits.

When people think of exercising on a diet plan, few think of the cross trainer as a good way to burn a lot of calories. The truth is, working out on a cross trainer gives the added benefit of performing an exercise using your upper and lower body. Compared to a machine like the treadmill, you are burning more calories because you’re not just moving your lower body. Working out on a cross trainer while dieting is excellent because you have the ability to change the resistance and make the workout easier or more difficult. That basically means you can customize the machine to help you burn the amount of calories you want during a set time.

If you are considering investing in a piece of exercise equipment, consider the numerous cross trainer benefits. It provides an overall body workout and is fun to do. Also, keep in mind that it is extremely easy to use and help you shape and tone your body. Your workout will also be done on your time with the cross trainer in your home. When researching other machines on the market, it will be hard to deny the cross trainer benefits outweigh them all.


Elliptical Cross Trainer Reviews

Elliptical cross trainer reviews can help you determine where to best invest your money so that the cross trainer you purchase will best suit your needs and give you the best piece of equipment for your money.  Fortunately in the past decade demand has risen for a quality elliptical cross trainer suitable for home use.  This has brought many more elliptical cross trainer brands and models to the market.  The competition has been good for the consumer as it has given many more choices to the buyer from which to choose.

In reading elliptical cross trainer reviews of the top brands it is important that you keep in mind there is not one right model for everyone.  So if you read one that says this one or that one is the very best on the market it is likely biased.  With the number of machines on the market there is likely to be a variety of great models on the market.  Some brands offer specific qualities and features that make them better for one person over another.  For instance some brands offer features that make them more desirable to a multiple user home by providing multi-user workout data memory and easy adjustment for multiple users.  While others are better suited to users that are petite with shorter stride needs, there will be another that better suits a sturdier user.  Some are suited for infrequent use while others could be used by a marathon trainer.  In going through individual elliptical cross trainer reviews keep in mind what needs you have and stay focused to those needs and you will be happy with your final choice.

Elliptical cross trainer reviews are a good source for determining which brands are developing new technology for their models.  Touch screen technology found with some cross trainers have brought a new array of services to the fitness consumer.  Ease of use is evident with a touch screen but there are also other exciting features to be found such as more detailed statistical data from a workout so you can better determine your performance.

Other considerations to be at the top of your list when going over elliptical cross trainer reviews is what purpose the machine will be providing.  Is the machine for weight loss?  Or is strictly for fitness training and cardiovascular health workouts?  Is the user going to be pushing their performance to the maximum every workout or is the user more concerned with finding an efficient workout that is low impact and easy on the joints?  While all elliptical cross trainers are providing a full body workout there are some that would be better suited to the top athlete and another better suited for the joint replacement surgery recovery patient.  Then again, there are still other machines that can serve both of those type of users making it the perfect machine for a multi-user household seeking those needs from their new cross trainer machine.

The best way to use elliptical cross trainer reviews to your advantage is to make sure you know what you need, what goals you hope to achieve with your machine, who the user or users will be, and what features are absolutely necessary and what ones you want but would not be a deal breaker if you couldn’t find them on a machine you considered.  In keeping the focus on those details you will be able to consider the reviews and know you are narrowing your choices of those elliptical cross trainers on the market that are right for you.


Buying a Cross Trainer

If you are considering buying a cross trainer then there are a few things you need to consider before making your final choice…


Naturally, you will need to consider your finances and opt for a model that fits your budget. However, if your budget is at the bottom end of the price scale you should have a think about quality; more often than not you pay for what you get. In our experience, cross trainers aimed at the sub £100 price bracket are generally poor quality and offer an inferior workout. Look to spend just a little bit more and you will find the risk of buying a poor quality product is reduced.


A good cross trainer will require a little more space than for example and exercise bike. Remember that the shape of a cross trainer changes as you stride, meaning you need sufficient room around it. Commerical quality cross trainers, like the Fuel Fitness EL335 Elliptical Cross Trainer also tend to be heavy, so make sure the floor surface can withhold the weight.

The Fuel Fitness EL335 Elliptical Cross Trainer - Commercial Quality Fitness Equipment

Added Features

Always look for added features because these can help you to maximise your workout. Good added features include heart rate monitors, on board computer and pre programmed exercise routines. If you can mix up your workout and monitor your progress you are far more likely to reach your health and weight loss goals and stay motivated.

Buying a cross trainer for hope use is a great idea for anyone wanting to get in shape and stay fit. A cross trainer delivers an effective cardio workout and can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels.


Cross Trainers and How To Use Them

If you have bought a cross trainer you need to start a regular exercise programme that will show results. It is important to understand exactly how a cross trainer works to be able to achieve the best results and maintain them. Cross trainers work on the principle of a low impact workout that covers all areas of the body in some easy to use machine. The cross trainer has been designed to minimise the impact on all of the joints of the body by ensuring that you do not lose contact with the foot pedals at any time. Your foot stays flat on the pedals and using the arms levers as resistance you will start to stride in an elliptical manner. This has been designed to copy the movements of a cross-country skier so that all of the major muscle groups are exercised at the same time.

Using your cross trainer correctly is the key:

  • Always keep your feet flat on the foot pedals. You do not have to lift your feet off the pedal at any time during your exercise routine.
  • Try not to rotate or swivel your waist to mimic the movement of your feet. A cross trainer will show the best results if you face forward all of the time. Stand as straight as possible and let the machine guide your movements.
  • The arm levers are there for a reason. Use the arm levers to provide the maximum amount of resistance as this will improve the quality of your workout.
  • Have a varied programme. You can use your cross trainer to provide a full selection of different exercise routines depending on your fitness level as well as the type of exercise you want to do.
  • You can vary the programmes so that you do some cardio exercise by using the sprint programme and then do a steadier hill climb setting if you want to tone and shape your body.

You will find a wide choice of cross trainers on the market. Cheap cross trainers are ideal if you are on a tight budget and want to get fit at home. To keep from getting bored you can always plug in your MP3 player and listen to music while you are exercising. The great thing about having a piece of home exercise equipment is that you can exercise while watching television or a DVD. You do not have to trek to the gym and you can warm up and cool down in the comfort f your own home. A cross trainer gives you the flexibility that you have been looking for.


Choosing the Right Fitness Equipment

Orbus Leisure have a great range of home fitness equipment, but if you are unsure about which piece of aerobic apparatus is right for you read out quick guide:

Elliptical Cross Trainers

These are low impact machines which are suitable for all abilities. They place less stress and strain on your joints and workout the whole body, improving cardio vascular fitness and stamina over time. An elliptical cross trainer allows you to burn muscle and shed weight faster than other pieces of gym equipment. For this reason they are incredibly popular.

Exercise Bikes

Cycling is a great cardio exercise and if you want to tone your lower body then an exercise bike is ideal. There are two main types of exercise bike; upright and recumbent. An upright closely resembles a traditional bicycle whereas a recumbent has the pedals positioned in front of the user.  Like a cross trainer, an exercise bike offers a low impact workout.

Treadmills (Running Machines)

A treadmill has long been one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment, both for home use and in a commercial gym setting. The user can use the treadmill to walk, jog, run and sprint so you can train whatever the weather. If space is tight opt for a folding treadmill.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines offer a challenging yet rewarding workout. The user will exercise the legs, torso, abs, arms and back and over time will improve suppleness and posture. Because the motion is rhythmical and flowing the exercise is low impact, reducing stress on your joints.

We hope this brief overview helps you to decide which piece of gym equipment is right for you. However, if you are still unsure just give us a call – we are the experts in home fitness and our friendly advisors will be able to help you choose the product that is right for you.


Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

The terminology that surrounds exercise can be confusing. Two of the most confusing, yet crucial terms are “aerobic” and “anaerobic”. To get the most from any workout you need to complete a level of both aerobic and anaerobic training. But what exactly do these two terms actually mean?

Aerobic training is generally a steady form of exercise. It means that you are exercising with sufficient oxygen to meet all your body’s needs; your circulation is boosted and O2 is being pumped to all your organs. A brisk walk or a light jog could be considered as aerobic exercise.

Anaerobic exercise is much more demanding. You will be training at a high intensity for short periods of time and it is during this type of exercise that you will find you become short of breath, perspiring and with red cheeks. Sprinting, rowing or weight training are classed as anaerobic forms of exercise.

During any workout session you should try and combine both. Aerobic exercise will help to keep your heart healthy and your fitness levels high. Anaerobic exercise will then boost your stamina and aid recovery. Again, we go back to variety being the key to your workout. Look to complete at least one anaerobic session and two aerobic sessions per week.

You can choose to workout with fitness equipment for a combination of the two; a cross trainer workout can combine both if you use the programme settings which will incorporate a warm up, a period of high intensity exercise and a cool down.


Why Rest is as important as Exercise when it comes to Weight Loss and Fitness Levels

Your eyes are not deceiving you…! Rest really is crucial when it comes to losing weight, sharpening up your physique and improving your overall levels of fitness. But before you head off for a night slouched on the sofa you need to note that we are advocating quality rest, not laziness! And the best kind of rest you can give yourself is a good nights’ sleep.

Let’s think about it… if you have a short amount of sleep at night, then work a full day and arrive back home shattered you are more likely to eat a quick and often unhealthy evening meal, reach for that glass of wine or beer and end up sitting in front of the TV, before retiring to bed to complete the same cycle over and over again. If you are tired you are far less likely to hop on to your cross trainer for a 30 minute session of intensive exercise.

According to research the average adult needs around seven hours sleep each night. Any less than this and you increase the chances that your body will produce higher levels of ghrelin, a hormone known to promote hunger and fat retention.

So, if your weight loss goals seem a mile away have a good think about your sleeping habits. Improve your sleeping patterns and you will be much more inclined to come home from a busy day at work with enough energy to do some exercise at home. And of course, exercise boosts your happy hormones and will make a good nights’ sleep far more likely.


Understanding the Elliptical Cross Trainer

The elliptical cross trainer is a relatively new addition to the world of fitness equipment, but has certainly been a huge worldwide sensation thanks to the enormous health benefits it can deliver. Unsurprisingly, an elliptical cross trainer follows an oval (or elliptical) movement that requires energy from the arms, legs and torso. However, unlink other forms of exercise, whilst this repetitive motion offers an intensive cardio workout it bears no negative impact on the joints or bones and so is suitable for all ages and abilities.

The elliptical motion is smooth and repetitive and does not jar the hip or knee bones like running or jogging can. The repetitive motion of the cross trainer forces forward and backward motion, causing a level of resistance to which the user must adapt to. Look for a cross trainer which allows you to reverse the motion whilst in operation as this helps to increase the variety of workouts possible.

If you are looking for an overall body workout then an elliptical cross trainer makes great sense. They effectively work out the users arms, legs and torso whilst increasing heart rate, optimising the cardiovascular benefit, in fact the cross trainer is one of the few machines on the market to provide a full weight bearing, low impact workout.

In summary, the main benefits offered by a cross trainer are:

–                     Whole body cardio workout in one simple routine

–                     Low impact workout

–                     Easy to learn the routine, even from first use

–                     Fixed motion encourages correct workout

–                     Removes the need for other pieces of home gym equipment


Is a Cross Trainer on Your Christmas Wish List?

With Christmas fast approaching it can be easy to lose sight of your health and fitness goals. With a typical December diary being chock-a-block with parties, shopping trips and meals out we all find it too easy to over-indulge. But Christmas and New Year are also times when we want to look our best so how do we find the right balance?

Working out at home is the ideal solution. You can exercise in comfort, without the need to head out into the cold to visit the gym and fit workout sessions into your daily routine with much more ease. You will also find it easier to break your sessions into smaller bite sized pieces, for example ten minutes before work in the morning and a further twenty minutes when you arrive home at the end of the day.

BH Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer from Orbus Leisure

A cross trainer is one of the best pieces of home fitness equipment and no Christmas wish list should be without one. This clever machine stimulates the motions of walking, jogging, climbing and skiing all in one fluid movement without any negative impact on the joints. The chest high hand levers mean that your upper body is exercised simultaneously with your legs and the overall effect is a quality cardio vascular workout.

With regular use a cross trainer can transform your shape and can aid weight loss when eating a calorie controlled diet meaning those extra pounds gained over Christmas can be shed quickly in the new year.


What is the most effective way to boost metabolism and lose weight?

To get a really effective workout you really need to boost your metabolic rate significantly. But how is this achieved? The best way to burn weight is through resistance training. An effective weight / resistance training session will allow your body to continue burning calories post workout for much longer than a typical cardio workout. Studies suggest that your metabolic rate can be boosted for us to 48 hours after a really intensive resistance workout session.

If you want to improve your resting metabolic rate (your metabolism whilst resting) then you again need to look to resistance training, as it can raise levels by as much as 15%.

If you are serious about losing weight and getting your body into shape you need to combine a healthy diet with resistance exercise. Dieting alone will reduce muscle mass, and this has a negative effect on metabolism. This is why a diet without exercise makes it harder to lose weight effectively.

You don’t need to attend a gym to carry our resistance training. Grab yourself some dumbbells and do simple, repetitive arm exercises or if finances allow grab yourself a cross trainer or rowing machine for your home gym.