Eating right at the end of your Workout

A good exercise routine works wonders for the heart, but it can also have a big impact on your appetite, leaving you feeling famished and in need of a good meal. Before you undo all the hard work of exercise by eating the first thing you find in the fridge (or even worse the fast food store) have a quick think about the type of foods you should be eating after exercise.

If your training sessional is of low to medium intensity (recreational exercise rather than competing in any kind of race) then you should seek out healthy yet filling foods which offer a balanced meal. So perhaps meat or fish, vegetables or salad and carbonydraye in the form of rice, potato or pasta. If your training session was physically very demanding then you need to eat high GI foods within the first 30 minutes following on from your routine. High GI foods help to replenish your glycogen stores and are often fairly sweet, so for example sugary cereal or an energy drink. Any high GI foods which you eat should be accompanied by a balanced meal which should include some form or protein, so any meat or fish.


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