Dancing on Ice Stars Give Balance Bands the Thumbs Up

Power Energy Balance Bands are the latest craze to snowball into the hit series Dancing on Ice this year!  Many of the world’s elite athletes have been spotted wearing them. Power Balance is a brand of hologram bracelet  that uses holographic technology to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body, and increase sporting ability. Balance Bands boost the energy levels, improving balance, making us faster, leaner and feeling as though we have a spring in our step.

 Now there are a growing number of celebrities that have been spotted with a distinctive silicone band on their wrists, as users claim it can improve their overall health. The Balance Bands have now made an appearance on ITV’s Daybreak (3rd Jan 2012) when Christopher Dean spoke about how he wears the bands to maintain better balance.

Some of the competing contestants to appear on Dancing on Ice 2012 including diet and fitness queen and actress Jennifer Ellison have said to have been using numerous balance bands positioned round both wrists and legs to naturally increase the standard of their performance as negative ions can increase physical performance and your standard of health in general.

Whether we’re Celebrities or just regular people working out to stay healthy and in shape, why not try the Orbus Leisure Power Energy Balance Bands today.



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