Cross Trainers and How To Use Them

If you have bought a cross trainer you need to start a regular exercise programme that will show results. It is important to understand exactly how a cross trainer works to be able to achieve the best results and maintain them. Cross trainers work on the principle of a low impact workout that covers all areas of the body in some easy to use machine. The cross trainer has been designed to minimise the impact on all of the joints of the body by ensuring that you do not lose contact with the foot pedals at any time. Your foot stays flat on the pedals and using the arms levers as resistance you will start to stride in an elliptical manner. This has been designed to copy the movements of a cross-country skier so that all of the major muscle groups are exercised at the same time.

Using your cross trainer correctly is the key:

  • Always keep your feet flat on the foot pedals. You do not have to lift your feet off the pedal at any time during your exercise routine.
  • Try not to rotate or swivel your waist to mimic the movement of your feet. A cross trainer will show the best results if you face forward all of the time. Stand as straight as possible and let the machine guide your movements.
  • The arm levers are there for a reason. Use the arm levers to provide the maximum amount of resistance as this will improve the quality of your workout.
  • Have a varied programme. You can use your cross trainer to provide a full selection of different exercise routines depending on your fitness level as well as the type of exercise you want to do.
  • You can vary the programmes so that you do some cardio exercise by using the sprint programme and then do a steadier hill climb setting if you want to tone and shape your body.

You will find a wide choice of cross trainers on the market. Cheap cross trainers are ideal if you are on a tight budget and want to get fit at home. To keep from getting bored you can always plug in your MP3 player and listen to music while you are exercising. The great thing about having a piece of home exercise equipment is that you can exercise while watching television or a DVD. You do not have to trek to the gym and you can warm up and cool down in the comfort f your own home. A cross trainer gives you the flexibility that you have been looking for.

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