Compact Elliptical Trainers

If you’ve been considering buying an elliptical cross trainer for your home or any other fitness machine for that matter, then you may have realised that they are not the smallest piece of equipment. For the majority of us are homes don’t have limitless space, so finding room for a bulky piece of machinery normally meant sacrificing permanent floor space or even giving up on owning fitness equipment in the first place.

In realization of the growing trend of people wanting to work out in the comfort, convenience and privacy of their own homes, Orbus Leisure have decided to provide some home friendly exercise equipment in the form of compact and folding exercisers, with foldable treadmills becoming more and more popular with home users. More recently, fold away elliptical cross trainers have started to become more and more in demand as elliptical machines themselves are ahead of treadmills in terms of popularity amongst home users.  A foldable elliptical Cross Trainer has all the benefits of a fixed frame machine but for the home user working with limited space, it can be a godsend.

Whilst other types of fold up exercise machines are quite easy to find, folding elliptical machines are still few and far between and can be almost impossible to locate in main street sports and fitness retailer stores. This is where Orbus Leisure can really cater to your needs; we supply a varied range of compact home gym equipment ranging from budget prices to more of a high end model for the serious home fitness enthusiast.


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