Can Using An Exercise Bike Make You Smarter?

When you think of exercise, the first things that probably spring to mind are different ways to tone your body and ways in which you can slim down to lose excess weight. Exercise can even boost your energy levels and can even make you feel physically happier! But make you smarter?? As your reading this I can hear you letting out a great big “WHAT?” Well…Researchers say that any form of bike riding (whether mobile or stationary) can do the trick!


Researchers from Germany claim that people who do regular exercises on a exercise bike, and people who do stretching exercises (often on a cross trainer or vibration plate) proved to be better at memory and thinking tasks than those who didn’t do these forms of exercise. And! Your memory can be even better if you’re regularly using a combination of exercise bikes and stretching routines on machines like vibration plates and cross trainers! Scientists claim that your memory will benefit from as little as two hours of exercise per week.

The brain experts say that as you get older the part of our brain called the hippocampus actually shrinks and frequent exercise and use of your body, can help to slowdown this process!

Sometime we don’t realise how much parts of our bodies can benefit from these simple forms of exercise! It kind of makes you want to get on your exercise bike and pedal away, huh?

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