Can I “Spot Reduce” Body Fat with Exercise?

We are often asked which piece of fitness equipment works best on certain areas of the body. In truth you really cannot “spot reduce” body fat on specific, troublesome areas such as your buttocks or thighs. If you exercise a single part of the body then the muscle will become firmer which may cause the appearance of that particular area to improve. However, the fat will not necessarily reduce; it will simply be hidden by muscle. This becomes more true if you exercise a single part of your body yet maintain an unhealthy diet. Performing sit-ups every day whilst eating too many calories may well lead to a firmer stomach, but the muscle will be hidden by a layer of fat.

The muscle mass within your body does not turn to fat if you stop exercising. Conversely, fat does not turn to muscle if you start exercising. Remember that muscle and fat are two totally different types of body tissue and mass.

If you have been exercising, then you stop but maintain the same calorific intake each day you will simple consume more calories than you burn off. Gaining body fat is therefore inevitable. Stopping your healthy diet will compound this problem and the fat will build up faster still.


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