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Uplift in Interest Free Fitness Equipment Sales

With the economy still slow, and the emphasis moving towards easy payment options, there has been a sharp rise in 0% interest free sales within the fitness industry.

Orbus Leisure have shown a lead and as a result have seen significant growth in this areas, as it has developed ‘smart’ offers which allow its buyers to source higher quality, traditionally higher spend items, in a cost effect, spread-payment way.

This has been particularly well received by Treadmill and higher end Cross Trainer buyers, who can equate the low monthly payments to a standard gym membership scheme. The difference being that after 12 months they own a significant piece of equipment outright!

It also makes it so much easier to justify a trade up to a more expensive model, without the need for and associated worry of a singular high value payment being required.

These offers are not confined to these two pieces of fitness equipment exclusively, with other great deals showing in the Vibration plate, Rowing machine and Exercise Bike categories also.


Today’s Top 3 Interest Free Offers

Following the announcement of the Interest Free offers launch on the web site, here are our top three 0% APR offers;

Orbus XT4000 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Retailing at £599, discounted to £349, and now available from under £30 per month, over 12 months, this is one of the best value Cross Trainers on the web. With rave reviews and outstanding specification, this heavy duty, superior home use trainer is the must have pieces of equipment in any home gym.

Orbus Pro X9000 Treadmill

Retailing at £999, discounted to £549, and now available from under £42 per month, over 12 months this must be the ‘best buy’ running machine option available online today. It has such a gigantic spec and unrivalled build quality; why would you buy anything else? 

Horizon Oxford 4 Air Rowing Machine

At only £599 the Oxford 4 is one of the best recognised and best equipped rowers available anywhere in the world. Now available at under £45 per month, over 12 months we guarantee this is the best offer you will see anywhere on this iconic machine.


Buy Fitness Equipment on 0% Interest Free Credit

This week Orbus Leisure has announced a superb new development to revolutionise shopping on their web site. In conjunction with Pay4Later, one of the UKs leading finance brokers, we are introducing some great monthly payment offers on a range of new stock, with options starting at 0% APR with a full 12 months interest free credit. Further deals up to 2 year fixed rate terms are also available on most items.

There has never been a better time to invest in that home gym, with low regular repayments that equate to less than a few months gym membership!

Take a look at some of the unbeatable offers available now.


Fitness and Diet – Swap failure for Success

Choosing healthier foods to supplement you fitness training can be much easier than you think. Simply changing some old habits can make a huge difference you your health, wellbeing and waistline!

Let’s see what diet ‘swaps’ you can consider to make a crucial difference.

Try some simple, small changes when you plan your meals, or even when you reach into the fridge or cupboard for that quick snack. And by the way, don’t be afraid to snack. Our bodies are not designed to work on two or three big meals alone. Smaller portions, more often, really are a better rule.

Once you’ve got started, try thinking of your own healthier food swaps as well. Check food labels, as they can certainly help you to choose healthier options.

Let’s look at breakfast, lunch and dinner to see where a simple swap can make a lot of difference. Firstly of course, breakfast……do you even have breakfast? Well, we know we should! Anyway, let’s assume you do, so try some swapping at the start of the day.


• Whole milk –Swap for semi-skimmed or even skimmed milk.

• Sugar Coated Breakfast cereal – Swap for a wholegrain breakfast cereal such as porridge or shredded wholegrain wheat cereal, without added sugar.

• A sprinkle of sugar on your cereal? – Swap for a topping of fresh or dried fruit, which also counts towards one of your five a day.

•Full-fat yoghurt – Swap for fat-free Greek yoghurt or natural low-fat yoghurt.


• White breads of any type – Swap for wholegrain types.

• Butter and Cheese in you jacket potato – Swap for reduced fat spread and reduced salt and sugar baked beans.

• Tuna melt Panini – Swap for a tuna salad sandwich on wholemeal bread, without the mayo.


• Swap cream based or cheesy sauces for tomato or vegetable based alternatives to enjoy with your pasta, or meat and fish dishes.

• Forget adding whole milk and butter to your mash try a low fat spread and skimmed or at least semi-skimmed milk.

• Trim the fat from your meat or choose leaner cuts in the first place.

• Grill, don’t fry!

Overall, its all very straight forward; so just add dedication and will power and soon it will all fall into place.


Cross Trainer vs Treadmill

Running machines and cross trainers are the two most popular pieces of fitness equipment. And when people are looking for a superb aerobic workout, they will more often than not choose one or the other to complement their exercise equipment collection!

Elliptical Cross Trainers are relatively new to market, compared to Treadmills. Consequently, the treadmill is better known and has long been the number one choice. But which machine should you chose to give best performance and hence best value for money?

Quite simply, personal choice will outweigh most other aspects of the decision. Some people just love to run, whereas some prefer the lower impact cardio exercise a cross trainer can bring. In effect, this signifies the main difference. Treadmills, although nowadays commonly well cushioned, do affect higher impact on the body. Also, they are more limited ion respect of giving a whole body workout. Having said that, for the dedicated runner, they offer a true training experience, which will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

Elliptical Cross Trainers are impact free, and the dual handlebar and leg motion, which can be reversed, offers a broader whole body workout, whereas running machines focus on the lower body as they simulate outdoor jogging.

Interestingly, although both types of machine are excellent at burning calories and improving cardio respiratory health, because of the lower impact, cross trainers may burn more calories with effectively a reduced felling of ‘effort’.

Again, personal choice will lead most buyers, but if you are unsure, then the thoughts above provide a few aspects that may weight your judgement and are well worth considering.


Best Value Self Generating Front Drive Elliptical Cross Trainer

This week Orbus Leisure has launched a fantastic limited time offer on their i2 Endurance Elliptical Cross Trainer. We believe this makes the Orbus Leisure i2 the Best Value Self generating Front Drive elliptical Cross Trainer on the web!

If you are looking for a high end unit, which will give the real feel of a gym Elliptical, then it’s an offer worth considering.

Let’s take a look at the key features…

18” Stride & Superior Commercial Designed Technology

Latest GSG Self Generating technology to guarantee a smooth, quite, reliable workout.

Smooth, Whisper Quiet Motion.

Heavy Duty Bearings – Provide Smooth Movement, even for intensive training sessions.

Flywheel Rotating Mass of 32KG.

16 Programs & 16 Resistance Levels.

It really is a unit for the hardened enthusiast, but is easy to use and would also be a dream for the novice user. It compliments a great range of Elliptical Cross Trainers and is looking like it will be a real star of the future!



The Fidget Project



If you have’nt seen it already, take a look at Michael Pinsky’s Fidget Project, which launched live in London at the end of June.

Michael’s live action gaming experience challenges the country’s obsession with the sofa

Famous as a UK artist, Urban Planner and Activists, Pinsky challenges our perception of what the body is doing when all we do is sit.

He explores why we should move more and explains that is exactly what our bodies want us to do!

If you are looking for interesting ways to ‘move’ more, then there is no better place to start than at home.  Orbus Leisure can provide a fantastic range of competitively prices exercise equipment for the beginner, through to the fitness nut! Such as Treadmills, Elliptical Cross Trainers, Bikes, Rowing Machines and Vibration Plates.

Take a look; you will be amazed at the value!


Elliptical Cross Trainer Facts

Elliptical trainers are a form of aerobic fitness machines that require you to use you whole body, the point is to push your feet in an elliptical pattern in order to complete the exercise. While you’re moving you the point is to hold onto the attached ski poles and to pump your arms back and forth for a complete upper body workout. Here at Orbus Leisure we have a wide range of carefully handpicked elliptical cross trainers, whatever your needs are (from beginner to advanced) there is a machine to suit everyone!


The number of elliptical trainer’s users increased from 65 percent from 2002 to 2003, according to Consumer reports. In 2003, an estimated 3.3 million people in the United States worked out regularly on an elliptical cross trainer.

Calories Burned

You can burn a large number of calories using an elliptical cross  trainer. You could potentially burn an average of 8 to 9 calories per minute when using a cross trainer. This level of calorie expenditure is similar to what you would lose on high-intensity exercise machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes and doing aerobics. During a 30-minute session on an elliptical machine you can burn upto 270 calories, the calorie burn levels vary depending on your speed and intensity level.


Features of elliptical trainers include electronic programming, safety features and heart rate monitoring. The electronic programming tracks distance, calories burned, speed, time, and resistance level during workouts.


The types of poles used on the machine have a major effect on the effectiveness of the elliptical trainer. The poles should be easy to reach without requiring you to reach that far forward; leaning forward can put unwanted stress on your back. When you’re riding the cross trainer, your shoulders should be back and your chin should be up, with your abs contracted. Your stride should be controlled and steady with a normal range of motion.


London 2012 Marathon

The City of London introduced its first ever marathon after former champion Chris Brasher returned from the New York marathon feeling exhilarated and inspired and wanted to make this even happen in his own town. In the 1908 Olympics, King Edward VII ordered that the marathon should start at Windsor castle and end in right in front of the Royal Box at the White City Stadium for the queen to see! The total distance was 42.195 km as opposed to the original distance of 39.90km in the first modern Olympics in Athens. Ever since then…the king’s command has been reality!

The first marathon appeared in London in 1981, and ever since then the race has been hugely popular. In the latest version of the marathon on Sunday 22nd April 2012 there is an estimated 35,000 people that are planning on running in the event. Every year there is an estimated 1 million spectators that line the streets showing their support, making the event not only a competition but a street 42km long street party.

The course of the marathon runs along the River Thames on the south side and then the north side after crossing the Tower Bridge. On the way (starting at Greenwich/Blackenheath to Buckingham palace) runners will pass a number of famous landmarks. Organisers describe the even as a ‘Historical jog around London’ due to the fastness and scenery of the course. But could it be an understatement to call this even a jog?

Fundraising plays a huge part in the London marathon, and organisers say that it is one of the largest annual fundraising events in the world. Since 1981, participants have raised a total of £315 million for charity.

The fitness junkies that are taking part in the race have trained vigorously, whether it be at the gym, personal trainer, or using home gym equipment such as treadmills, cross trainers, and vibration plates. It’s hard to comprehend just how much hard work and training that thousands of people have undergone for this race, and there is no doubt that emotions will be running high as the competitors are pushed to their extreme limits. I’m sure that the scenes will also be touching and spectacular. But who’ll be the winner? Tune in on Sunday to find out!

We wish the best of luck to everyone who is taking part in the London Marathon 2012!



Cross Trainer Benefits

Cross trainers, along with treadmills and exercise bikes are one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment that people purchase for weight loss and improved fitness. Here are a few reasons why so many people buy cross trainers for their home, so you can assess whether a cross trainers is the right piece of fitness equipment for you and your family.

To do that, it will help if you consider the benefits of a cross trainer;

Weight loss and improved fitness

Cross trainers have helped many people to achieve their weight loss goal, and a cross trainer may be able to help you too! Using a cross trainer might can help you to burn those excess calories and can help to improve your strength, the overall health of your heart and your lungs. Exercising on a cross trainer helps raise your heart rate and focuses on certain zones that are most appropriate for weight loss and fitness.

A Cross Trainer can be used at any time

One of the greatest benefits of owning a cross trainer is that you can exercise whenever you want, night or day, hot or cold, or in rain or sun! In these modern times many of us lead hectic lifestyles and find it hard to fit in a regular exercise routine. So the ability to exercise whenever we want for as long as we want is ideal! Having a cross trainer at home can be cheaper than joining a gym and you don’t have to worry about opening or closing times, and you don’t have to worry about sharing the machines with other people.

Cross trainers can help prevent us from training too hard

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they first start to exercise is that they train too hard. Training too hard at the beginning of your exercise program can lead to injuries, this may contribute to you quitting exercise because you may feel like it’s too hard and not worth all of the effort you’re putting in.

Cross trainers can help you to avoid this common mistake by giving you the ability to regulate the speed at which you exercise at. Some cross trainers are sophisticated enough to monitor your heart rate whilst you’re exercising, and the best way to work out is to ensure you’re always training in the right heart rate zone.

Cross Trainers exercise the lower and upper body

Cross trainers exercise both the lower and upper body by providing resistance to the muscles of the legs, chest, arms and shoulders. Becuase our legs and arms are moving in a criss-cross fashion, cross trainers can also work our midsection as well.

Cross trainers provide an overall toning workout, as well as providing us with an aerobic exercise many of us need to burn maximum calories and body fat.

These are just a few reasons why people invest in cross trainers, there are so many more advantages!! Visit for more information and good luck with your weight loss!


Voucher Code Crazy!

This February Orbus Leisure has gone Voucher Crazy! Check out the site to see a range of fantastic ‘Extra’ discount voucher codes and saving up to an amazing £200 OFF Sale Prices!

All the ‘Extra Saving’ voucher codes can be used exclusively on the Orbus Leisure Web site during February.

They include up to and EXTRA 25% off all Vibration Plate Sale Prices, and an EXTRA 5% off Sale prices on all Orbus Elliptical Cross Trainers and again, and EXTRA 5% off all Sale Prices on Orbus Branded Treadmills.

There has never been a better time to get fit for less!


Running Your Way to Your Weight Loss Goals


Exercise is, without a doubt, an important factor in reaching your weight loss goals.  Determining which exercise will give you the greatest benefits in losing weight isn’t always easy.  Have you ever considered running as part of your weight loss regime?  The following tips will help you add in running as an avenue for reaching weight loss success.  Will you let running help you meet your magic number?


• Start slow.  Don’t think that if you are overweight and out of shape that you will be able to take off and run a long distance.  Running takes discipline and training.  Choose a track or running course near you and start off slow. Begin by running a lap and walking a lap. Each week, increase your goal. Eventually you will be able to run a mile without stopping.
• Get a running partner. Running can get very monotonous.  To help beat the boredom that is often associated with running, get a partner. Find someone who is as dedicated as you are to losing weight an invite them to run.  Meet up with your partner at least 3 times a week and begin training.  Losing weight is easier with a partner! Don’t do it alone.
• Sign up for a race.  If you are a goal oriented person, set your goal at running a 5k in your local area.  Switch your focus from “losing weight” to “running the 5k.”  You will quickly find yourself doing what it takes to get in shape for the 5k.  This will involve watching what you eat and exercising daily. Daily exercise will be supplemented with long distance running. The end result will be you being able to run the race and losing weight all at the same time.  Sign up for a local 5k race and see how it changes your life.


If you are looking for a change in your weight loss program or want to find a good way to shed the unwanted pounds consider running your way to your weight loss goals.  Running burns numerous calories and can help tone and shape your body.  It can also lead to feelings of accomplishment which can also be very beneficial in meeting your weight loss goals.  When will you begin a running program to help you meet your weight loss goals? Let the advantages of running have a positive impact on weight loss.


Losing Weight: Can adding in equipment help?


Do you feel that dieting alone isn’t getting you the weight loss results that you are looking for?  While dieting can certainly help you shed unwanted pounds, the ultimate weight loss results will come when you choose to exercise along with dieting.  Adding in exercise equipment to your weight loss plan can give you the results that you have been looking for.  The following are reasons why you should choose to add in exercise equipment if you are trying to lose weight.


• Using the equipment can boost your metabolism.  The key to successful weight loss is boosting your metabolism.  Using exercise equipment can be an avenue for getting your metabolism levels where they need to be.  Whether you choose a treadmill, an elliptical trainer, or a stationary bike, boosting your metabolism will set your body up for weight loss success.
• The equipment can help you burn calories.  Along with the boost in metabolism, comes with calorie burning power.  Depending on the type of exercise equipment that you choose you can burn as many as 900 calories a day using a machine. An elliptical is an excellent choice for getting the weight loss results that you want through equipment.
• It can be used anytime in your home.  Adding exercise equipment to your weight loss plan can help you reach your goals by providing 24 hour access to equipment. If you don’t have time to go to the gym during the day, use the equipment in the comfort of your home at any time of the day.
• Equipment has proven time and time again to give real weight loss results.  There are countless dieters who have achieved their weight loss goals through using equipment. Read the many reviews for dieters who have met their goals thanks to incorporating exercise equipment into their weight loss plan.  Using equipment along with a strict, healthy diet may even help you surpass your weight loss expectations.


If dieting alone just isn’t cutting it for you, consider adding in exercise equipment to daily weight loss routine. You will quickly begin to see the results that once seemed in possible. Choose a piece of equipment that will work well for your body and that you will enjoy using.  Add some fun into your workout by choosing the perfect piece of equipment. Will you take advantage of what equipment can do for you?


The Benefits of Adding a Cross Trainer to Your Home Gym

A home gym is a great way to ensure that you have the advantages of working out at home at your fingertips every single day.  A home gym can serve to keep you motivated in losing weight and staying in shape, and also make getting fit a reality for those who have little or no time to devote to a gym.  What type of equipment do you have in your home gym?  The following are the benefits of including a cross trainer for daily use in your home. Perhaps you should add a cross trainer to your gym in the near future.

Exceptional calorie burn

One of the greatest advantages of having a cross trainer in your home gym is the calorie burn achieved from using the machine.  Spending an hour on this machine daily can help you burn as much as 900 calories.  It is a great tool for losing weight and will without a doubt help you meet your weight loss goals.

Low impact

If you suffered from an injury in the past that limits the exercise you can do, a cross trainer will be the machine of choice for you.  Its circular motion provides low impact exercise that is great for those who can’t handle running or high impact exercises.  This benefit is what draws many people to use the cross trainer.  This machine helps losing weight become an achievable goal for those who thought they would never be able to use exercise equipment again.

It’s fun! 

While machines such as treadmills and stationary bikes can get boring after the first few minutes, those who use a cross trainer report that the machine is a pleasure to use.  Many cross trainer machines come with MP3 sound capabilities which makes using the machine a more enjoyable experience.

It provides heart healthy exercise

Not only do cross trainer benefit in losing weight and getting in shape, it also gives your heart a good healthy workout.  Working out with a cross trainer a couple of times a week will help you fight heart disease in the future.

If you are looking for the perfect piece of equipment to add to your home gym, look no further than the cross trainer.  The benefits listed above are just a few of the many benefits you will find when you invest in one for your personal use.  How will you allow a cross trainer to benefit you?


Easy Tips for Getting Fit at Home

Life is sometimes too busy to make daily stops at the local gym.  For many, the reality of working out is finding time to get physical fitness in at home.  If you fall into this category, the following tips will be helpful for you.  Getting fit at home is easier than it may seem.

Invest in a nice piece of equipment.  It is easier to get motivated working out at home if you have the proper equipment.  While you aren’t likely to be able to afford an entire home gym, a nice piece of equipment will be fine.  An elliptical machine is great for at home workouts and will provide you with heart healthy exercise any time of the day.

Workout DVDs will be very helpful.  If expense is a problem, another solution for getting fit in the comfort of your own home is to invest in DVDs.  There are countless exercise programs that come in DVD from.  A popular program is p90x.  This program can provide you with real results as long as you are willing to put in the effort at home.

Plan to work out early in the morning to get your day started.  Possibly one of the greatest benefits of getting fit at home is having the luxury of working out any time of the day. Whether it’s late at night or early in the morning, choose the time of day that works best with your schedule. If you want a boost in getting your day started, consider working out early in the morning before you go to work.

Your family to get involved.  If you are worried about the boredom of working out at home, get your family involved.  Recruit your spouse or older children to commit to getting fit a couple of days a week.  Getting the family involved will be beneficial for their health and also help you beat the monotony of long workouts at home.

Stay motivated.  A downfall of getting fit at home is that you can easily get complacent and begin to skip workout.  Find ways to stay motivated.  Reward yourself weekly for sticking to a workout schedule.  Motivation is key!

Getting fit at home doesn’t have to be hard. From investing in a nice piece of exercise equipment to workout DVDs, there are many ways in which you can achieve success. Take advantage of the easy tips listed at home and begin exercising today.


The i-Tone Vibration Plate – Ultimate Flexibility

The Dual Motor i-Tone Vibration Plate is true professional grade vibration trainer, with dual motion capability.

Packed with the latest vibration technology, combining two motor actions, the i-Tone Vibration Plate can product 3 movement types. Oscillating and Vertical vibration actions can be selected independently, or can be performed in tandem. This gives ultimate flexibility.

The Oscillating movement generates a natural training see-saw motion to give the body a full resistance workout. The body’s own balance stabilisation creates a fantastic core workout, which helps burn fat, tone muscles and reduce cellulite.

The Vertical movement provides a more intense level of motion, allowing for strength and muscle development.

The i-Tone’s combination routines give the ultimate training flexibility and maximum results.

With the product also come a great wall chart demonstrating routines and postures, but the final piece of technology allows you to independently design workout programs to exactly match your needs.

The USB training plug-in really is the ultimate accessory. The USB stick plugs directly into your PC or Laptop and with the need for any level of computer literacy, the time and motion settings can be designed to create a totally personalworkout session.

 These can be amended and developed as your desire for more complex routines grows. This really is a brilliant advance in vibration technology.


Losing Weight with Cross Trainers


Losing weight will without a doubt involve diet and exercise.  While diet pills and other “miracle” solutions may work for a day or two, real weight loss results come from getting healthy and fit.  If you are looking for a way to lose weight, consider investing in a cross trainer for your home gym.  This low impact machine can aid you in reaching your weight loss goal.  The following are a few tips on how to lose weight with a cross trainer.


Invest in a machine that has weight loss workouts already programmed into the machine.  It can be tricky trying to figure out how long or how difficult your workout needs to be to effectively lose weight on a cross trainer.  Choose a machine that has the “guess” work figured out for you.  Many cross trainers come with built in workouts to help you meet your weight loss goals.


Watch your diet.  While you can certainly lose weight on a cross trainer, what you eat on a daily basis will also have an effect on whether or not you lose weight.  You can’t eat what you want and expect to lose weight quickly. For the best results on a cross trainer, eat a healthy diet.


Use your cross trainer at least 4 to 5 times a week.  To lose weight with your cross trainer, you will have to use it! Don’t let it just sit in your home gym or bedroom waiting to be used.  For the best weight loss results, use the cross trainer 4 to 5 times a week for a period of 30 minutes or longer. The higher your intensity of workouts, the better results your will get from the machine.

Make your workout as comfortable as possible. Be sure to invest in workout gear that will give you the added comfort you need to get your daily workout in on your cross trainer. From the right shoes to the right workout clothes, be sure that you are completely comfortable when you step on the machine. Uncomfortable shoes and clothes will serve only to give you a reason to quit.


Cross trainers are great for losing weight.  Use the tips above to get the most benefits from a cross trainer in meeting your weight loss goals.  Weight loss success awaits you! Will you allow a cross trainer to help you meet your goal?


Getting Fit in the Comfort of Your Own Home – Is it really possible?

You’ve likely seen commercials and advertisements on television highlighting the simplicity of getting fit at home.  Is there any validity to these claims? Is it really possible to get in shape while working out at home?

The answer is YES!

With motivation and the right equipment, getting fit at home can be as easy as taking daily trips to the gym.  The following are 4 ways in which getting fit at home can become a reality for you.

Begin by scheduling daily workouts.  If you are going to be successful in getting fit in the comfort of your own home, you must begin by actually working time into your schedule to get the work down.  Schedule at least 30 minutes to an hour a day for working out.  Choose the time of the day where you won’t be overly tired such as when you come in from work.

Set yourself up for success.  Success can become a reality for you if you have the means to get the job done.  What equipment will you be using for the daily workouts? A cross trainer, stationary bike, or a treadmill are all good example of equipment that can help you meet your goals.

Switch up your routine.  Doing the same workout day in and day out can lead to boredom quickly.  Find ways to switch up your routine.  Choose at least two days of the week to get outside and exercise. Go for a long run or brisk walk in addition to using your exercise equipment.  Discover ways to beat the boredom so that you don’t end up giving up.

Take a day to relax.  To get the most benefits from exercising, you will need to choose at least one day of the week to sit back and relax.  Your muscles will need time to recover from strenuous workouts.  What day of the week will you choose to relax?

It is possible to get fit in the comfort of your own home if you are willing to put in the hard work and effort.  Creating a home gym with exercise equipment can help set yourself up for success. Be sure to switch up your routine periodically and take at least one day of the week to sit back and relax.  Will you be successful at getting fit in your own home?


Finding Exercise Equipment that Works for You

You’ve heard the saying “What works for some, may not always work for other.” This is true.  It is especially true when it comes to finding out which exercise equipment will best help you meet your weight loss goals.  If your friend lost tons of weight on the treadmill, don’t expect to get the same results.  The following are tips for finding out which piece of fitness equipment will work best for you.

Head to the gym!

The gym is the perfect place to discover what will work for you getting rid of those unwanted pounds. Before you go out and purchase a piece of equipment, make sure it is something that you will be able to use for a long period of time.  If a treadmill is uncomfortable for you and seem impossible to get real results, consider using the cross trainer for a few weeks. If you see no real results with this machine, move on to the next.  Trying out different equipment at the gym will give you a better idea of what you can purchase for your home gym.

Read reviews! 

Before you make a big purchase, read reviews. Reviews can give you a tone of information and help you avoid making mundane purchases.  Search for reviews from people who are in the same situation as you are. You don’t want to take advice for someone who needs only to tone up.  If you are looking to lose tons of weight, you need advice from somewhere who has “been there, and done that.”

Do your research!

Find out how each and every piece of equipment you are interested in works.  How does the cross trainer provide results? What muscles does it target? Finding the answer to all your questions about the equipment you want to use will help you determine whether or not you can actually get real weight loss results.

If you are looking to lose weight and get in shape, getting active is the answer.  Discover what exercise equipment will best help you meet your needs and begin an exercise program today. Whether you choose to go to the gym to get your workout in or begin a home gym of your own, exercise equipment is without a doubt the answer to your problem.  How will you find out what exercise equipment will work best for your needs?


Vibration Plates! A New Wave of Fitness

New to the fitness scene is the use of vibration plates to help one meet weight loss and fitness goals.  As the popularity of them grows on a daily basis, the benefits of using vibration plates continue to be revealed. If you are considering using vibration plates to help you achieve your fitness goals but are unaware of the many benefits, the following information will be helpful for you.

Vibration plates improve muscle strength!

If you are looking to improve muscle strength, vibration plates may be the answer for you.  The continuous vibration of the muscles in the body causes them to contract, improving muscle strength.  It is a great tool to use if you are recovering from an injury and trying to regain strength in a particular area of your body.

They help decrease cortisol levels! 

Spend 15 minutes on a vibration plate and your body will think it has gone through an hour of exercise.  Just as when you exercise your cortisol levels decrease it will decrease when you spend time on the vibration plate. You get the benefits of exercising without putting in the hard work effort.

They are great for improving weight loss results! 

Losing weight involves burning calories. Vibration plates are great calorie burning tools.  These machines have proven effective in helping countless celebrities get the weight loss results and bodies that they have always dreamed of.  For ultimate calorie burn, consider investing in a vibration plate.  After all, calorie burn is the key to weight loss success.

Vibration plates help increase energy levels and improve your mood! 

If you are looking to get more energy and be in a better mood, vibration plates may be your answer.  They help release serotonin which directly affects how you feel on a daily basis.

Are vibration plates the answer for you?  Whether you choose to invest in a vibration plate for your home or try one out of your local gym, do not underestimate the health benefits that this new wave of fitness can offer you.  From an improvement in muscle strength to more energy, you will live a happier, healthier lifestyle by taking advantage of the many benefits vibration plates can offer you.  Read the many reviews and find out for yourself the success stories surrounding vibration plates.  Will you be added to the list of success stories?


Burning Fat and Building Muscle

Did you know that despite being a seated aerobic activity, rowing is one of the most effective ways to burn through fat and build up muscle? By being seated any negative pressure upon the ankles, hips and knees is removed whilst the muscles throughout the body are exercised thoroughly as they expand and contract.

Rowing machines are suitable for all ages and abilities and many can be folded away compactly meaning they are perfect for use at home.

One of the key considerations when buying a rowing machine is the various types of resistance. Resistance helps you get the most from your workout routine so you need to make sure you buy a rower with a variety of resistance levels and settings.

rowing machines

There are different types of resistance to be on the lookout for:

Magnetic resistance – magnetic resistance is incredibly quiet and with some top end models it is almost silent. This means you do not have to endure a noisy workout as you pull back and forth.

Air resistance – as you generate pace you increase the resistance level. This means your workout becomes more challenging as you exercise.

Water – water rowers are less common and work in a similar way to air rowers, however, you can have more control over the resistance levels by adding or removing water from the tank.

Health and Fitness Benefits

Rowing delivers many health and fitness benefits including:

Strengthening your core area, including your abdomen and back. Many other pieces of fitness equipment do not target the back, but a strong back means good posture and a strong upper body.

A low impact workout, with little pressure placed on any of your joints, thus avoiding strain or injury.

A varied workout. The faster you row the higher the resistance.

A cardio workout, improving blood flow and your overall wellbeing

A relatively short workout time due to the sheer intensity of the workout.


Choosing Fitness Equipment to meet Your Goals

We can all admit to buying a piece of fitness equipment at some point in time that we never use. Rash, impulse purchases are common in the quest to shape up and lose weight but you can avoid this problem simply by assessing your fitness goals before shelling out your hard earned cash. A little careful consideration will mean that you end up buying a piece of gym equipment that you will use time and time again.

What are your exercise goals?

Do you want to bulk up, lose weight, or simply add a little tone and definition to your body? Think about the changes you want to achieve and choose a product that is the most likely to help you reach your targets. Weight training is the best way of bulking up your muscle mass, weight loss will be achieved more rapidly through cardio exercise using a cross trainer or a treadmill and improved muscle tone and definition can be gained with the help of toning equipment, such as a vibration plate. When buy the right piece of equipment you will start to see results and when the results show in the mirror your motivation remains high.

Once you have considered your goals you need to do some more in depth research into the type of fitness equipment that is best suited to you. For example, if you know that cardio exercise is right for you have a look at the RANGE of cardio exercise products on the market within your budget and think of the type of exercise you are most likely to enjoy. If you like running then a treadmill is the ideal product for you. For those who detest running (and there are many) then a cross trainer is likely to suit you more.

When your fitness equipment arrives at your home make sure you position it in a stimulating environment where you will be happy to spend some time throughout the week. It is no good creating your home gym in the cellar for example if for 6 months out of the year it is too cold and damp for you to even want to step foot in. Consider converting a bedroom instead, where there is ample space and plenty of natural light. To make the workout more fun add distractions, such as a TV or radio. Thirty minutes of exercise goes much faster when you are doing it watching your favourite soap opera.

A home gym is a sound investment in your health and wellbeing. Make sure you choose wisely and use your equipment as frequently as possible. Set yourself small achievable targets and you will quickly be on the path to a leaner, lighter, healthier body.


Buying the Right Elliptical Cross Trainer

Want to get in shape? Want a piece of fitness equipment that can deliver a great cardio workout effectively and safely? If you have answered “Yes” to either of these questions then you should consider buying an Elliptical Cross Trainer.

The elliptical cross trainer is one of the most sought after pieces of home gym equipment right now and its popularity looks set to eclipse that of the treadmill, which for years has been the “King” of the fitness world.  The advantages of the elliptical cross trainer are there for all to see; not only does the machine workout your whole body, but unlike running or lifting weights the action is low impact, meaning far less chance of injury or strain. Plus, the routine is so simple that even the first time user will have no problems getting a challenging yet really effective workout.

When buying an elliptical cross trainer there are a number of things that you ought to consider in order to get the most for your money.

Budget should be your first consideration. Set yourself a budget and try to stick to it. However, pay close attention to the specification of the machines which fall into your budget and consider upgrading if your pocket will allow. For a little extra cash you may get a whole host of added features that will give your workout that added oomph!

Specification is important and as mentioned above, try and stretch your budget so you get the highest spec possible. Little extras such as an onboard computer to monitor distance, calories, heart rate and time can really help to keep you motivated and to push yourself harder during your workout. Look out for things such as a large fly-wheel and a high weight capacity. The sturdier the cross trainer the better!

Make some room for it! A good quality elliptical cross trainer will be fixed in position, meaning it cannot be folded away. Make sure you have the room for it and if possible dedicate one room in your home to exercise. Add a stereo or TV and before you know it you will have your very own personalised home gym to rival your local health club.

With regular use an elliptical cross trainer will help to boost your overall level of health and fitness and will shape up your body, adding tone and definition to your muscles whilst also aiding weight loss (provided you are eating right). This is an item of fitness equipment that no home gym should ever be without.


Buying Fitness Equipment? Evaluate your Goals First


Are you shopping around for fitness equipment right now? Before you buy you need to consider why exactly it is that you need the product; what are your overall goals and targets and why do you want to get fit. Only when you have evaluated your needs will you be able to purchase the product that is right for you.


The first thing to remember is that your home gym equipment is not some “miracle” machine. Sure, they can help you to really tone up your body, lose weight and get in great shape but this can only be done with effort on your part. To get the most from any piece of fitness equipment you really need to use it around 3-5 times per week. Dedication is required and it can be hard to motivate yourself, but stick with it; after several weeks of regular exercise you WILL start to see results. And seeing those great results in the mirror is usually enough to motivate most of us to keep up with a regular routine.


Do you want to tone your whole body, or are you just concerned about one single area? It may be that your whole body needs some attention – in this case you need to buy a piece of cardio equipment such as an elliptical cross trainer or a vibration plate. By having a regular cardio workout to challenge your legs, buttocks, abs and arms you will not only workout your whole body but you will also improve your physical well-being.


If you are in search of a more targeted workout then choose a piece of specialist gym equipment. An exercise bike is perhaps one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment there is, and this is because it is incredibly effective at toning the lower body. Legs and buttocks benefit from an amazing workout and can become toned and defined within months.


If you are wanting to bulkup your body by building muscle mass then weights are ideal. Weight lifting equipment is affordable and when used correctly can transform your body. Go for a gradual increase in weight though; don’t simply rush in and buy a product that is beyond your capabilities.


Really do your homework before buying. If you choose the wrong product you are likely to quickly become disillusioned with both the routine and the results you are achieving. Buy wisely and you will transform your body and have a regular workout routine that will be both challenging and enjoyable.


Planning a Home Gym – Our Guide

If you want to get in shape but the thought of attending a commercial gym leaves you cold then why not find space for a gym at home instead? Any piece of gym equipment found in a commercial setting is now available on the home market and you may find it surprisingly affordable and of a good quality.

When buying fitness equipment you need to bear a few things in mind, including:

  • Price
  • Space available
  • What are your aims? Weight loss? Increased fitness etc…

Price is of course an important factor when buying anything and fitness equipment is no different. Despite the fact that there are plenty of cheap products out there you should still expect to pay above the £100 mark minimum if you want a quality product and prices can extend right into the thousands of pounds. Set yourself a budget and stick to it. Don’t scrip below it but instead by the best product you can afford.

Pay close attention to the physical amount of space you have available. Fitness equipment can be bulky and heavy and can quickly fill a room. If you have only a limited amount of space then maybe consider something compact, which can fold away when not is use. Try and think about the rooms you have available. A garage is often overlooked, but this room often has plenty of space and offers a more bearable temperature than a bedroom or dining room. It also means that your equipment is not an eyesore when not in use.

Finally, think about what you want to achieve from this equipment. Do you want to lose some weight? Do you want to boost your fitness levels or do you want to enhance your physique and health overall? If you are targeting a single area of the body, such as legs or buttocks then an exercise bike may be ideal. If you want a more general cardio workout then a cross trainer makes great sense. Of course if you want to simply build muscle then weights are still the way to go.

A home gym offers you a private, flexible way to workout. You can chose your ideal piece of fitness equipment, exercise in the comfort of your own home and achieve the same results that you would have done in a gym, typically at a fraction of the price over the course of a year.