Buying a Treadmill? A Point to Consider…

Are you shopping around for a treadmill right now? Running is such a popular activity and a treadmill is the perfect antidote to cold, dark nights pounding the streets. You can run safely in your own home, varying your workout as you go. But before you make your final decision there is one specific feature we feel you need to look out for in order to ensure you buy the best treadmill for your money…Shock Absorption

Running is a fun activity, but it can be damaging to your joints because a level of shock is transferred through your ankles, knees and hips each time your feet hit the floor. Running on hard tarmac can be really stressful to your joints, so if you are swapping the streets for a treadmill you need to make sure you purchase a model which offers a level of shock absorption.  At the low end of the price scale, many treadmills will offer no shock absorption whatsoever. Basically, you will be running on a belt wrapped around a solid platform, with no suspension or give. Whilst you may think you are saving yourself some cash, but with these lower end models you will receive a poor quality workout and possibly an injury. And if you are injured your treadmill is of no use anyway!

Look to the big brands, such as BH Fitness treadmills, when making your purchase. They are more likely to offer treadmills with cushioning underneath the belt. Not only should such suspension offer you a more comfortable run, but you will also be reducing the likelihood of injury. And if the experience is a good one you are more likely to want to repeat the training routine, which will see you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals with certain success.

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