Buying a Cross Trainer

If you are considering buying a cross trainer then there are a few things you need to consider before making your final choice…


Naturally, you will need to consider your finances and opt for a model that fits your budget. However, if your budget is at the bottom end of the price scale you should have a think about quality; more often than not you pay for what you get. In our experience, cross trainers aimed at the sub £100 price bracket are generally poor quality and offer an inferior workout. Look to spend just a little bit more and you will find the risk of buying a poor quality product is reduced.


A good cross trainer will require a little more space than for example and exercise bike. Remember that the shape of a cross trainer changes as you stride, meaning you need sufficient room around it. Commerical quality cross trainers, like the Fuel Fitness EL335 Elliptical Cross Trainer also tend to be heavy, so make sure the floor surface can withhold the weight.

The Fuel Fitness EL335 Elliptical Cross Trainer - Commercial Quality Fitness Equipment

Added Features

Always look for added features because these can help you to maximise your workout. Good added features include heart rate monitors, on board computer and pre programmed exercise routines. If you can mix up your workout and monitor your progress you are far more likely to reach your health and weight loss goals and stay motivated.

Buying a cross trainer for hope use is a great idea for anyone wanting to get in shape and stay fit. A cross trainer delivers an effective cardio workout and can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels.

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