Burning Fat and Building Muscle

Did you know that despite being a seated aerobic activity, rowing is one of the most effective ways to burn through fat and build up muscle? By being seated any negative pressure upon the ankles, hips and knees is removed whilst the muscles throughout the body are exercised thoroughly as they expand and contract.

Rowing machines are suitable for all ages and abilities and many can be folded away compactly meaning they are perfect for use at home.

One of the key considerations when buying a rowing machine is the various types of resistance. Resistance helps you get the most from your workout routine so you need to make sure you buy a rower with a variety of resistance levels and settings.

rowing machines

There are different types of resistance to be on the lookout for:

Magnetic resistance – magnetic resistance is incredibly quiet and with some top end models it is almost silent. This means you do not have to endure a noisy workout as you pull back and forth.

Air resistance – as you generate pace you increase the resistance level. This means your workout becomes more challenging as you exercise.

Water – water rowers are less common and work in a similar way to air rowers, however, you can have more control over the resistance levels by adding or removing water from the tank.

Health and Fitness Benefits

Rowing delivers many health and fitness benefits including:

Strengthening your core area, including your abdomen and back. Many other pieces of fitness equipment do not target the back, but a strong back means good posture and a strong upper body.

A low impact workout, with little pressure placed on any of your joints, thus avoiding strain or injury.

A varied workout. The faster you row the higher the resistance.

A cardio workout, improving blood flow and your overall wellbeing

A relatively short workout time due to the sheer intensity of the workout.

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