Breathing Easy

Getting your breathing right can actually be the hardest part of any exercise routine. And if you are struggling to breathe then you are more likely to quit. Here are a couple of things to consider when exercising in order to get your breathing right…

Stay Relaxed

It is really important that you remain relaxed throughout your workout. Take a moment to focus on your breathing and perhaps try specific activities such as yoga or pilates that train you to breathe more effectively. Keep your mind occupied as you breathe throughout the workout by imaging scenarios, like you are running in a race or watching yourself swim.

Stay Fit

You need to do more exercise to improve your overall conditioning. Keep at it and eventually you will find that breathing comes much easier. Mix up your workouts so you get the greatest benefit, so switch from weights to cardio vascular exercise on the cross trainer or treadmill and vice versa.

Increase your Lung Capacity

You can increase your lung capacity by holding your breath over and over again. It really is as simple as sitting at the dinner table and holding your breath for a period of time. Challenge yourself to hold it for longer the next time. As with exercise, if you keep practicing this your lung capacity will increase.

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