Boost Stamina and Strength with Resistance Training

Love exercising but wish you had just a little more stamina? Want to get the most from your fitness equipment? Resistance training could be the key to help you boost not only your stamina but also you strength and overall fitness levels.

Try adding the following elements to your workout session:

Hamstring Curls

Lie flat on the floor and place both your feet on a Swiss ball. With your shoulders remaining on the floor lift up your lower body. Draw your legs towards your bottom by rolling the ball towards you. Do three sets of 15 reps.

Thigh Squats

Hold a bar across your shoulders and raise one leg out infront of you. Lower yourself down by bending your supporting knee (not quite into a full squat or you may fall over). Raise yourself up slowly. Repeat 10 times. On the final rep hold the position for ten seconds.

Dumb Bell Lifts

Take a dumb bell in each hand and perform rapid, alternate curls. Do not cross your arms and remain as straight as possible. Do three sets of 10 reps.

Step Ups

Step up onto a bench with one leg so that your bent knee forms a 90 degree right angle. Bring the other leg up, then step back down with the leading leg. The leg that lands back on the floor second should be the leading leg on the next rep. Do three x one minute sessions.

To get the most from your home gym equipment you really do need to warm up, cool down and perform resistance exercises to avoid the plateau effect. Try adding these simple steps today and really give your workout the boost it needs!

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