Bodybuilding and Strength Training

Body building differs from strength training in that its primary goals are to maximise muscle mass (promote hypertrophy) while reducing body fat, so sculpting your physique. It is a cosmetic activity, in which any gain in strength or power is a by-product.

On the positive side, bodybuilding has undoubtedly inspired many people to get involved in strength training and to think about improving their fitness. The sport certainly provides some spectacular visuals, especially at the highest competitive levels. However, for every person who is enthralled at the prospect of huge biceps, there is another whose primary aim is to simply keep his or her body healthy.

You may not want to be a bodybuilder, weightlifter or powerlifter. Instead you may simply want to look a bit better, increase your muscle mass a small amount and reduce your body fat levels. Perhaps you want to be able to cope better with the demands of daily life and be able to do this effectively into old age. Resistance training can assist you in achieving any or all of these goals.


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