All You Need To Know About Vibration Plates

A Vibration plate is a machine that gives the body’s muscles a high-speed workout,  vibrations stimulate the muscles to contract and relax. On average they contract about once or twice a second, by standing on the power plate its vibrations cause an automatic reflex muscle contraction of 30-50 a second.

The vibration plate is a brilliant time-saver due to how effective the trainer is and how many muscles are activated at the same time. It’s said that 10 minutes on the vibration plate will provide the same results as 60 minutes of conventional strenuous training.

The best way to train is by increasing the frequency gradually. Beginners are advised to start with nine minutes on the resistance programme, followed by nine minutes of the stretch, massage and relaxation programme, both on lower frequency and amplitude settings.

In order to develop strength, power and muscle tone and definition, it’s important to adopt a position that will put tension on the muscles. For example if you’re doing a squat position, have your knees bent and lean from the hips, like you’re going to sit on a chair.

Combine exercises

Use a combination of compound exercises (such as squats and push-ups) this will use more than one muscle group (biceps curls and front raises) This way you’ll get a better training response, as well as increasing potential calorie burn.

Keep your knees bent

Vibration training stimulates the contraction of the muscle spindles. It’s important to keep your knees bent to avoid jarring your joints.

Drink enough water

Your muscles will be contracting 30-50 time more quickly, thereby generating a lot of internal heat, so even if you don’t feel thirsty, always drink water while you’re working out.

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