A Brief Review of the Concept 2 Rowing Machine

Way back in the early 80s, the Concept 2 rowing workout machines made their introduction to the world. The snowfall in Vermont, where Concept 2 rowing machines are manufactured, compelled this company to start producing them in response to the harsh elements. So it makes sense that developing a high quality rowing machine for use indoors would be a terrific idea. Another great concern was the desire to create the very best using superior criteria for design and materials.

The options are pretty upfront, you can purchase the Model D or the Model E. However, the Model D rower can be bought with separate options depending on your needs. The performance monitors are named, PM3 or PM4, and they accompany each machine. The Model D comes with a PM3, although you can choose to have a PM4 at additional cost. The higher priced Model E always has the PM4 with it as the main monitor.

What is really helpful during exercising is you can use the performance monitors to keep an eye on your heart rate while working out. The way you can do that with the pulse is with an additional unobtrusive sensor that you strap across your chest area. This sensor is very low profile and made of rubber, and the strap that comes with it is like spandex and is very elastic. Once you begin rowing on this piece of home gym equipment you will hardly notice that it is there. There are no wires either since the info is sent out to the monitoring device.

The resistance to rowing is accomplished by making use of an intelligently designed flywheel that is very much like a manual fan. There are no safety issues with this because the flywheel is totally encased in a plastic assembly. The means by which you change the degree of difficulty with rowing is a mechanical, and manual, lever on the flywheel. If you are thinking this is something that will create noise, then that is not the case because it is very quiet. The flywheel rotates when you row, and it produces a soft air movement that is so quiet. However, I can tell you after many years of use that the sound of the moving flywheel is not at all distracting. Unless somebody in the other room is a very light sleeper, you won’t be disturbing other people.

You can watch how quickly you row, plus other information, from the PM3 or PM4 performance monitors. Just a few of the available rowing metrics include total rowing time, total distance rowed, 500 meter split times and number of rowing strokes per minute. Your approach will for the most part be based on by your current fitness level and general reason for using the rower. A lot of rowers who compete at the tertiary level use the Concept 2 to train, so they will by nature pay attention to particular data types.

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