10 Minute Workouts

Adults are advised to undergo 150 minutes of moderate workout every week. This sounds like a large amount of time and for busy parents it was seem like an impossible and unrealistic goal. But you can reach this target by doing three 10 minute sessions, five days a week.

Physical activity helps you live a long and healthy lifestyle, you can reduce your risk of heart disease, you can gain control over your body weight, and increase your mental wellbeing. Some easy 10 minute workout programmes you can do at home are:

Playing with the kids, go bike riding, have a game of football. Not only will you benefit form the physical changes, but you’ll form a better family bond. Getting out of the house for short and intense period of time can also tire the kids out, leaving a peaceful house for you to relax in.

Why not try skipping? Skipping can improve balance, coordination and flexibility. It doesn’t cost a lot, as all you need is a skipping rope, the right foot wear and a big space. Record how many calories you will burn, you may be surprised.

Why not set your exercise bike up in the front room? You can do your workout in front of the television.

Why not take the stairs at every opportunity? Choosing the stairs rather than the lift will not only help you burn calories but will tone up your legs and bottom.

Get out walking or invest in a treadmill? It really is the easiest form of exercise. During your lunch hour take a walk around, and choose a different route every day for variation. Why not invest in a pedometer, then you can keep track on how many steps you do.

There are so many things you can do around the house to keep you active. So in your free time have a think about what would be an enjoyable 10 minute workout. You don’t have to look at exercise as a challenge, you can do it in small portions and you can enjoy how you do it!

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